Pioneering Wireless

Radio Listener' Guide and Call-Book

Consolidated Radio Call Book began in January 1922 and was published irregularly. In 1925 it was renamed Radio Listener' Guide and Call-Book, and although mostly a Call-Book, it now also contained a few informational radio articles. In May 1925 a technical sister magazine called Radio Review began monthly publication. In 1926, the two magazines joined under one cover to become Radio Listener' Guide and Call Book combined with Radio Review. Publication continued quarterly until early 1929. Collected here is the COMPLETE set of every issue from 1925 through 1929.

RLG_Spring_1925 .pdf RLG_Fall_1925 .pdf

Radio Review

 RLG_may-jun_1925 .pdf  RLG_jul-aug_1925 .pdf  RLG_Sep_1925 .pdf  RLG_Oct_1925 .pdf
 RLG_Nov_1925 .pdf  RLG_Dec_1925 .pdf    
 RLG_Jan_1926 .pdf      

(Radio Listener' Guide and Call Book combined with Radio Review)

RLG_Spring_1926 .pdf RLG_Summer_1926 .pdf RLG_Fall_1926 .pdf RLG_Winter_1926 .pdf
RLG_Spring_1927 .pdf RLG_Summer_1927 .pdf RLG_Fall_1927 .pdf RLG_Winter_1927 .pdf
RLG_Spring_1928 .pdf RLG_Summer_1928 .pdf RLG_Fall_1928 .pdf RLG_Winter_1928 .pdf
RLG_Spring_1929 .pdf