Pioneering Wireless

Pacific Radio News

Pacific Radio News was a technical monthly west coast magazine focused on radio, which began publication in 1917, then suspended for over two years during the Great War. In November 1921, it changed its name to RADIO. In 1947 it changed its focus to high-end audio, changing its name to Audio Engineering (later shortened to Audio) as a reflection, and continues publishing to this day. Collected here is the COMPLETE set of every issue, from its beginning, through the year 1929.

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R_Jan_1925 .pdf R_Feb_1925 .pdf R_Mar_1925 .pdf R_Apr_1925 .pdf
R_May_1925 .pdf R_Jun_1925 .pdf R_Jul_1925 .pdf R_Aug_1925 .pdf
R_Sep_1925 .pdf R_Oct_1925 .pdf R_Nov_1925 .pdf R_Dec_1925 .pdf
R_Jan_1926 .pdf R_Feb_1926 .pdf R_Mar_1926 .pdf R_Apr_1926 .pdf
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R_Jan_1928 .pdf R_Feb_1928 .pdf R_Mar_1928 .pdf R_Apr_1928 .pdf
R_May_1928 .pdf R_Jun_1928 .pdf R_Jul_1928 .pdf R_Aug_1928 .pdf
R_Sep_1928 .pdf R_Oct_1928 .pdf R_Nov_1928 .pdf R_Dec_1928 .pdf
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R_Sep_1929 .pdf R_Oct_1929 .pdf R_Nov_1929 .pdf R_Dec_1929 .pdf