Pioneering Wireless

The Marconigraph

The Marconigraph is a British monthly technical science magazine focused on radio, which began in April 1911 as a mouthpiece for the Marconi Company (in 1925 the magazine disassociated from the Marconi Company to become an independent publication). Note that for a period of one year, from October 1912 to September 1913, The Marconigraph was also published in a different edition specifically for the American market. In April 1913 it was renamed The Wireless World. In April 1922 it absorbed its competitor magazine The Radio Review, and was renamed The Wireless World and Radio Review. It is still in publication, but under the new banner of Electronics World. Collected here is the COMPLETE set of every issue, including the US editions, from its beginning, through the year 1929.

M_Apr_1911 .pdf M_May_1911 .pdf M_Jun_1911 .pdf M_Jul_1911 .pdf
M_Aug_1911 .pdf M_Sep_1911 .pdf M_Oct_1911 .pdf M_Nov_1911 .pdf
M_Dec_1911 .pdf
M_Jan_1912 .pdf M_Feb_1912 .pdf M_Mar_1912 .pdf M_Apr_1912 .pdf
M_May_1912 .pdf M_Jun_1912 .pdf M_Jul_1912 .pdf M_Aug_1912 .pdf
M_Sep_1912 .pdf M_Oct_1912 .pdf M_Nov_1912 .pdf M_Dec_1912 .pdf
 1912 (US Edition)
M_US_Oct_1912 .pdf M_US_Nov_1912 .pdf M_US_Dec_1912 .pdf
 1913 (US Edition)
M_US_Jan_1913 .pdf M_US_Feb_1913 .pdf M_US_Mar_1913 .pdf M_US_Apr_1913 .pdf
M_US_May_1913 .pdf M_US_Jun_1913 .pdf M_US_Jul_1913 .pdf M_US_Aug_1913 .pdf
M_US_Sep_1913 .pdf
M_Jan_1913 .pdf M_Feb_1913 .pdf M_Mar_1913 .pdf

(The Wireless World)

M_Apr_1913 .pdf
M_May_1913 .pdf M_Jun_1913 .pdf M_Jul_1913 .pdf M_Aug_1913 .pdf
M_Sep_1913 .pdf M_Oct_1913 .pdf M_Nov_1913 .pdf M_Dec_1913 .pdf
M_Jan_1914 .pdf M_Feb_1914 .pdf M_Mar_1914 .pdf M_Apr_1914 .pdf
M_May_1914 .pdf M_Jun_1914 .pdf M_Jul_1914 .pdf M_Aug_1914 .pdf
M_Sep_1914 .pdf M_Oct_1914 .pdf M_Nov_1914 .pdf M_Dec_1914 .pdf
M_Jan_1915 .pdf M_Feb_1915 .pdf M_Mar_1915 .pdf M_Apr_1915 .pdf
M_May_1915 .pdf M_Jun_1915 .pdf M_Jul_1915 .pdf M_Aug_1915 .pdf
M_Sep_1915 .pdf M_Oct_1915 .pdf M_Nov_1915 .pdf M_Dec_1915 .pdf
M_Jan_1916 .pdf M_Feb_1916 .pdf M_Mar_1916 .pdf M_Apr_1916 .pdf
M_May_1916 .pdf M_Jun_1916 .pdf M_Jul_1916 .pdf M_Aug_1916 .pdf
M_Sep_1916 .pdf M_Oct_1916 .pdf M_Nov_1916 .pdf M_Dec_1916 .pdf
M_Jan_1917 .pdf M_Feb_1917 .pdf M_Mar_1917 .pdf M_Apr_1917 .pdf
M_May_1917 .pdf M_Jun_1917 .pdf M_Jul_1917 .pdf M_Aug_1917 .pdf
M_Sep_1917 .pdf M_Oct_1917 .pdf M_Nov_1917 .pdf M_Dec_1917 .pdf
M_Jan_1918 .pdf M_Feb_1918 .pdf M_Mar_1918 .pdf M_Apr_1918 .pdf
M_May_1918 .pdf M_Jun_1918 .pdf M_Jul_1918 .pdf M_Aug_1918 .pdf
M_Sep_1918 .pdf M_Oct_1918 .pdf M_Nov_1918 .pdf M_Dec_1918 .pdf
M_Jan_1919 .pdf M_Feb_1919 .pdf M_Mar_1919 .pdf M_Apr_1919 .pdf
M_May_1919 .pdf M_Jun_1919 .pdf M_Jul_1919 .pdf M_Aug_1919 .pdf
M_Sep_1919 .pdf M_Oct_1919 .pdf M_Nov_1919 .pdf M_Dec_1919 .pdf
M_Jan_1920 .pdf M_Feb_1920 .pdf M_Mar_1920 .pdf M_Apr_1920 .pdf
M_May_1920 .pdf M_Jun_1920 .pdf M_Jul_1920 .pdf M_Aug_1920 .pdf
M_Sep_1920 .pdf M_Oct_1920 .pdf M_Nov_1920 .pdf M_Dec_1920 .pdf
M_Jan_1921 .pdf M_Feb_1921 .pdf M_Mar_1921 .pdf M_Apr_1921 .pdf
M_May_1921 .pdf M_Jun_1921 .pdf M_Jul_1921 .pdf M_Aug_1921 .pdf
M_Sep_1921 .pdf M_Oct_1921 .pdf M_Nov_1921 .pdf M_Dec_1921 .pdf
M_Jan_1922 .pdf M_Feb_1922 .pdf M_Mar_1922 .pdf

(The Wireless World and Radio Review)

M_Apr_1922 .pdf
M_May_1922 .pdf M_Jun_1922 .pdf M_Jul_1922 .pdf M_Aug_1922 .pdf
M_Sep_1922 .pdf M_Oct_1922 .pdf M_Nov_1922 .pdf M_Dec_1922 .pdf
M_Jan_1923 .pdf M_Feb_1923 .pdf M_Mar_1923 .pdf M_Apr_1923 .pdf
M_May_1923 .pdf M_Jun_1923 .pdf M_Jul_1923 .pdf M_Aug_1923 .pdf
M_Sep_1923 .pdf M_Oct_1923 .pdf M_Nov_1923 .pdf M_Dec_1923 .pdf
M_Jan_1924 .pdf M_Feb_1924 .pdf M_Mar_1924 .pdf M_Apr_1924 .pdf
M_May_1924 .pdf M_Jun_1924 .pdf M_Jul_1924 .pdf M_Aug_1924 .pdf
M_Sep_1924 .pdf M_Oct_1924 .pdf M_Nov_1924 .pdf M_Dec_1924 .pdf
M_Jan_1925 .pdf M_Feb_1925 .pdf M_Mar_1925 .pdf M_Apr_1925 .pdf
M_May_1925 .pdf M_Jun_1925 .pdf M_Jul_1925 .pdf M_Aug_1925 .pdf
M_Sep_1925 .pdf M_Oct_1925 .pdf M_Nov_1925 .pdf M_Dec_1925 .pdf
M_Jan_1926 .pdf M_Feb_1926 .pdf M_Mar_1926 .pdf M_Apr_1926 .pdf
M_May_1926 .pdf M_Jun_1926 .pdf M_Jul_1926 .pdf M_Aug_1926 .pdf
M_Sep_1926 .pdf M_Oct_1926 .pdf M_Nov_1926 .pdf M_Dec_1926 .pdf
M_Jan_1927 .pdf M_Feb_1927 .pdf M_Mar_1927 .pdf M_Apr_1927 .pdf
M_May_1927 .pdf M_Jun_1927 .pdf M_Jul_1927 .pdf M_Aug_1927 .pdf
M_Sep_1927 .pdf M_Oct_1927 .pdf M_Nov_1927 .pdf M_Dec_1927 .pdf
M_Jan_1928 .pdf M_Feb_1928 .pdf M_Mar_1928 .pdf M_Apr_1928 .pdf
M_May_1928 .pdf M_Jun_1928 .pdf M_Jul_1928 .pdf M_Aug_1928 .pdf
M_Sep_1928 .pdf M_Oct_1928 .pdf M_Nov_1928 .pdf M_Dec_1928 .pdf
M_Jan_1929 .pdf M_Feb_1929 .pdf M_Mar_1929 .pdf M_Apr_1929 .pdf
M_May_1929 .pdf M_Jun_1929 .pdf M_Jul_1929 .pdf M_Aug_1929 .pdf
M_Sep_1929 .pdf M_Oct_1929 .pdf M_Nov_1929 .pdf M_Dec_1929 .pdf