Pioneering Wireless

Radio Society of Great Britain

Radio Society of Great Britain was founded in 1913 as the London Wireless Club. In 1925 their Transmitter and Relay section began publishing a monthly journal called "Bulletin", which not long after became the journal for the entire society.

Collected here is the COMPLETE set of every T. & R. Bulletin, from the first issue of July 1925, through the year 1929.

Bulletin_Jul_1925 .pdf Bulletin_Aug_1925 .pdf Bulletin_Sep-Oct_1925 .pdf Bulletin_Nov_1925 .pdf
Bulletin_Dec_1925 .pdf
Bulletin_Jan_1926 .pdf Bulletin_Feb_1926 .pdf Bulletin_Mar_1926 .pdf Bulletin_Apr-May_1926 .pdf
Bulletin_Jun_1926 .pdf Bulletin_Jul_1926 .pdf Bulletin_Aug_1926 .pdf Bulletin_Sep_1926 .pdf
Bulletin_Oct_1926 .pdf Bulletin_Nov_1926 .pdf Bulletin_Dec_1926 .pdf
Bulletin_Jan_1927 .pdf Bulletin_Feb_1927 .pdf Bulletin_Mar_1927 .pdf Bulletin_Apr_1927 .pdf
Bulletin_May_1927 .pdf Bulletin_Jun_1927 .pdf Bulletin_Jul_1927 .pdf Bulletin_Aug_1927 .pdf
Bulletin_Sep_1927 .pdf Bulletin_Oct_1927 .pdf Bulletin_Nov_1927 .pdf Bulletin_Dec_1927 .pdf
Bulletin_Jan_1928 .pdf Bulletin_Feb_1928 .pdf Bulletin_Mar_1928 .pdf Bulletin_Apr_1928 .pdf
Bulletin_May_1928 .pdf Bulletin_Jun_1928 .pdf Bulletin_Jul_1928 .pdf Bulletin_Aug_1928 .pdf
Bulletin_Sep_1928 .pdf Bulletin_Oct_1928 .pdf Bulletin_Nov_1928 .pdf Bulletin_Dec_1928 .pdf
Bulletin_Jan_1929 .pdf Bulletin_Feb_1929 .pdf Bulletin_Mar_1929 .pdf Bulletin_Apr_1929 .pdf
Bulletin_May_1929 .pdf Bulletin_Jun_1929 .pdf Bulletin_Jul_1929 .pdf Bulletin_Aug_1929 .pdf
Bulletin_Sep_1929 .pdf Bulletin_Oct_1929 .pdf Bulletin_Nov_1929 .pdf Bulletin_Dec_1929 .pdf