Pioneering Wireless

American Radio Relay League

Founded in 1914 by citizen radio operators who wanted to non-commercially pass messages over the air; the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is currently the largest organization of radio amateurs in the United States. Their stated goal is to: "promote and advance the art, science, and enjoyment of Amateur Radio" (and yes, league members will still pass messages on request).

Beginning in December 1915, the league began publishing a monthly journal called QST. Except for a brief period during the Great War, their journal has been published continuously. Collected here is the COMPLETE set of every issue, from the first, through the year 1929.

Abridgement Notice: The issues of QST from 1922 and earlier being offered here consist of only the pages containing the radio articles.

QST_Dec_1915 .pdf
QST_Jan_1916 .pdf QST_Feb_1916 .pdf QST_Mar_1916 .pdf QST_Apr_1916 .pdf
QST_May_1916 .pdf QST_Jun_1916 .pdf QST_Jul_1916 .pdf QST_Aug_1916 .pdf
QST_Sep_1916 .pdf QST_Oct_1916 .pdf QST_Nov_1916 .pdf QST_Dec_1916 .pdf
QST_Jan_1917 .pdf QST_Feb_1917 .pdf QST_Mar_1917 .pdf QST_Apr_1917 .pdf
QST_May_1917 .pdf QST_Jun_1917 .pdf QST_Jul_1917 .pdf QST_Aug_1917 .pdf
QST_Sep_1917 .pdf
QST_Apr_1919 .pdf QST_Jun_1919 .pdf QST_Jul_1919 .pdf QST_Aug_1919 .pdf
QST_Sep_1919 .pdf QST_Oct_1919 .pdf QST_Nov_1919 .pdf QST_Dec_1919 .pdf
QST_Jan_1920 .pdf QST_Feb_1920 .pdf QST_Mar_1920 .pdf QST_Apr_1920 .pdf
QST_May_1920 .pdf QST_Jun_1920 .pdf QST_Jul_1920 .pdf QST_Aug_1920 .pdf
QST_Sep_1920 .pdf QST_Oct_1920 .pdf QST_Nov_1920 .pdf QST_Dec_1920 .pdf
QST_Jan_1921 .pdf QST_Feb_1921 .pdf QST_Mar_1921 .pdf QST_Apr_1921 .pdf
QST_May_1921 .pdf QST_Jun_1921 .pdf QST_Jul_1921 .pdf QST_Aug_1921 .pdf
QST_Sep_1921 .pdf QST_Oct_1921 .pdf QST_Nov_1921 .pdf QST_Dec_1921 .pdf
QST_Jan_1922 .pdf QST_Feb_1922 .pdf QST_Mar_1922 .pdf QST_Apr_1922 .pdf
QST_May_1922 .pdf QST_Jun_1922 .pdf QST_Jul_1922 .pdf QST_Aug_1922 .pdf
QST_Sep_1922 .pdf QST_Oct_1922 .pdf QST_Nov_1922 .pdf QST_Dec_1922 .pdf
QST_Jan_1923 .pdf QST_Feb_1923 .pdf QST_Mar_1923 .pdf QST_Apr_1923 .pdf
QST_May_1923 .pdf QST_Jun_1923 .pdf QST_Jul_1923 .pdf QST_Aug_1923 .pdf
QST_Sep_1923 .pdf QST_Oct_1923 .pdf QST_Nov_1923 .pdf QST_Dec_1923 .pdf
QST_Jan_1924 .pdf QST_Feb_1924 .pdf QST_Mar_1924 .pdf QST_Apr_1924 .pdf
QST_May_1924 .pdf QST_Jun_1924 .pdf QST_Jul_1924 .pdf QST_aug-dec_1924 .pdf
QST_Jan_1925 .pdf QST_Feb_1925 .pdf QST_Mar_1925 .pdf QST_Apr_1925 .pdf
QST_May_1925 .pdf QST_Jun_1925 .pdf QST_Jul_1925 .pdf QST_Aug_1925 .pdf
QST_Sep_1925 .pdf QST_Oct_1925 .pdf QST_Nov_1925 .pdf QST_Dec_1925 .pdf
QST_Jan_1926 .pdf QST_Feb_1926 .pdf QST_Mar_1926 .pdf QST_Apr_1926 .pdf
QST_May_1926 .pdf QST_Jun_1926 .pdf QST_Jul_1926 .pdf QST_Aug_1926 .pdf
QST_Sep_1926 .pdf QST_Oct_1926 .pdf QST_Nov_1926 .pdf QST_Dec_1926 .pdf
QST_Jan_1927 .pdf QST_Feb_1927 .pdf QST_Mar_1927 .pdf QST_Apr_1927 .pdf
QST_May_1927 .pdf QST_Jun_1927 .pdf QST_Jul_1927 .pdf QST_Aug_1927 .pdf
QST_Sep_1927 .pdf QST_Oct_1927 .pdf QST_Nov_1927 .pdf QST_Dec_1927 .pdf
QST_Jan_1928 .pdf QST_Feb_1928 .pdf QST_Mar_1928 .pdf QST_Apr_1928 .pdf
QST_May_1928 .pdf QST_Jun_1928 .pdf QST_Jul_1928 .pdf QST_Aug_1928 .pdf
QST_Sep_1928 .pdf QST_Oct_1928 .pdf QST_Nov_1928 .pdf QST_Dec_1928 .pdf
QST_Jan_1929 .pdf QST_Feb_1929 .pdf QST_Mar_1929 .pdf QST_Apr_1929 .pdf
QST_May_1929 .pdf QST_Jun_1929 .pdf QST_Jul_1929 .pdf QST_Aug_1929 .pdf
QST_Sep_1929 .pdf QST_Oct_1929 .pdf QST_Nov_1929 .pdf QST_Dec_1929 .pdf