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Kipper Card Meanings

The Kipper is a specialized forecasting system that focuses exclusively at providing advice about a Dating Game. Therefore avoid using it for answering questions about business or civic matters, and instead use it only to answer questions pertaining to your love life.

There are 36 Kipper cards, and each Kipper card is differentiated only by its standardized card Number. Traditionally, card publishers will include a brief keyword phrase of their own devising on each card to help newbies. Originally these phrases were only written in German, but several decks with phrases written in English are now available.

Kipper cards are always read upright inside of Spreads (card #8 often fulfils the role of a "reversal" aspect), which can be either Tableaus or Strings. Individual cards can also express a clear Yes, No, or Maybe answer. Card interaction is a key feature of Kipper Spreads, and the cards reveal quite a bit about the dating game players. The de facto reference deck is the 1920s facing variant of the classic "Original Kipper".

In a Spread, cards falling to the left of a focus card are usually seen as being in the past, while those to the right are seen as being in the future. Note that although amplifying readings using image facing has been a popular adjunct since the mid 20th century, there are no standards requiring how images must face (and most LWBs don't even mention it), so facing interpretation is always deck (and cartomancer) dependent.

Although small in number, Kipper cards are very versatile. Four of the cards express low/high aspects of their theme. Twelve of the cards are antonyms of each other. Card 08 can flip a cards' meaning. Ten cards specifically refer to the actual players in the Dating Game, with six of these referring to major players. The other cards refer to the events in the melodrama. Many cards can reveal an aspect about a card that they are paired with, and some can even recommend actions for the Querent to take.

Kipper Lessons (*.mp4)

Lesson 1 - The Dating Game
Lesson 2 - Persons in the Kipper
Lesson 3 - Action in the Melodrama
Lesson 4 - A Spread Speaks
Lesson 5 - Choosing a Spread
Kipper Card Facing - Facing comparison between five popular Kipper decks

Card examples are taken from the classic Original Kipper. Above the card photo is the cards standard number, along with a keyword phrase that I believe expresses the card meaning succinctly. Below the card photo are bullet points. The [ ^ ] symbol shown on some person cards indicates whom the avatar is often traditionally substituted for (actual avatar assignment is always at the discretion of the cartomancer). The [ * ] symbol indicates a course of action that the card is suggesting for the Querent. The [ " ] symbol indicates an alternative card meaning.

01 - Prime Gentleman

02 - Prime Lady

03 - Marriage

04 - Meetups

1 Prime Gentleman - Original Kipper

2 Prime Lady - Original Kipper

3 Marriage - Original Kipper

4 Meetups - Original Kipper

Man in prime of life
Male Querent
Male Significant
Butch Significant

Woman in prime of life
Female Querent
Female Significant
Effeminate Significant

Marital bond
Committed cohabitation

Physical socializing
Courting opportunity

05 - Older Gentleman

06 - Older Lady

07 - Pleasant Message

08 - False Person

5 Older Gentleman - Original Kipper

6 Older Lady - Original Kipper

7 Pleasant Message - Original Kipper

8 False Person - Original Kipper

Fatherly figure
Mature male Querent
Mature male Significant
^ Rival masculine Suitor
^ Cuckold

Motherly figure
Mature female Querent
Mature female Significant
^ Rival feminine suitor
^ Cuckquean

Upbeat tidings
* Reveal your satisfaction

Deceptive Person
* Warning to reevaluate
"Flips meaning of paired card"

09 - Change

10 - Journey

11 - Sudden Riches

12 - Privileged Woman

9 Change - Original Kipper

10 Journey - Original Kipper

11 Sudden Riches - Original Kipper

12 Privileged Woman - Original Kipper

A shift
New direction
Change of view

Round trip
Away on travel

* Take a trip

Major monetary increase
Financial windfall


Young woman
Free spirit
^ Potential tryst partner

"The finer things in life"

13 - Wealthy Man

14 - Upsetting Message

15 - Success in Love

16 - Collect Thoughts

13 Wealthy Man - Original Kipper

14 Upsetting Message - Original Kipper

15 Success in Love - Original Kipper

16 Collect Thoughts - Original Kipper

Young man
Person of means
Well connected
^ Potential tryst partner

"Auspicious results in money matters"

Downbeat tidings
* Reveal your displeasure

Mutual love

Forward planning

* Think it through

17 - Bestowed a Present

18 - Child

19 - Ending

20 - House

17 Bestowed a Present - Original Kipper

18 Child - Original Kipper

19 Ending - Original Kipper

20 House - Original Kipper

Minor recognition
Meriting acceptance

Dependent child
* Warning of childishness
"Fresh start"


A secure physical retreat

21 - Private Matter

22 - Regimented Person

23 - Dispute

24 - Theft

21 Private Matter - Original Kipper

22 Regimented Person - Original Kipper

23 Dispute - Original Kipper

24 Theft - Original Kipper

Embarrassing secret
Present tense

Controlling person
Tries to manage your affairs for you

"The executive branch"


Unexpected loss
Clandestine exploitation

* Avoid self-imposed deprivation

25 - High Honors

26 - Fortune Smiles

27 - Gift of Money

28 - Expectation

25 High Honors - Original Kipper

26 Fortune Smiles - Original Kipper

27 Gift of Money - Original Kipper

28 Expectation - Original Kipper

Major recognition
Meriting reverence

Good luck

Minor monetary increase
Unexpected extra cash

Short wait
* Be patient

29 - Trapped

30 - Judgmental Person

31 - Malaise

32 - Adversity

29 Trapped - Original Kipper

30 Judgmental Person - Original Kipper

31 Malaise - Original Kipper

32 Adversity - Original Kipper

Unwanted obligation

Resolving person
Tries to make your decisions for you

"The judicial branch"

Temporary indisposition

Bad luck

33 - Doubts

34 - Absorbing Distraction

35 - Long Road Ahead

36 - Hope

33 Doubts - Original Kipper

34 Absorbing Distraction - Original Kipper

35 Long Road Ahead - Original Kipper

36 Hope - Original Kipper


Delinquency from the game

Long wait
* Be persistent

Open mindedness

The answer from the card:

YES == 03, 05, 06, 07, 11, 12, 13, 15, 17, 18, 20, 21, 25, 26, 27, 36

MAYBE == 01, 02, 04, 09, 10, 16, 23, 28, 30, 34, 35

NO == 08, 14, 19, 22, 24, 29, 31, 32, 33

Antonym Cards

(11 --- 24)

Similar Cards