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Daytime Astronomy

Amateur Solar Observing - courtesy of Alexander Panzer

An Empirical Review of Solar Equipment for the Non Professional Solar Observatory - c.1985 (*.pdf)
~ Example of an amateur full solar disk photo (*.png)
~ Example of an amateur solar prominence photo (*.png)
Video Solar Observing and Recording in White Light and H-Alpha - c.1990 (*.mp3)
~ Example of an amateur solar observing position in a patio room (*.jpg)

Related Solar Information

Early History of the Solar Spectroscope (*.pdf book)
Mysterious Universe (*.pdf book)
Program for Observing and Photographing the Sun, A (*.pdf book)
Solar Flare detection by Shortwave Radio (*.pdf book)

Unusual Astronomy Books

Ask a Question About Meteorites (*.pdf book)
Discover the Stars (*.pdf book)
Key from Atlas of the Heavens 1950 (*.pdf)
Photographic Story of MARS, The (*.pdf book)
- The appearance of lines on the face of Mars when viewed through a powerful telescope, irregardless of how you interpret them, are not the imaginations of sleep deprived astronomers, but a real optical phenomena that can be photographed (as is shown in this book).