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Book Industry Subject Headings


REF000000 - General
REF001000 - Almanacs
REF002000 - Atlases & Gazetteers
REF004000 - Bibliographies & Indexes
REF006000 - Catalogs
REF007000 - Curiosities & Wonders
REF008000 - Dictionaries
REF009000 - Directories
REF010000 - Encyclopedias
REF011000 - Etiquette
REF013000 - Genealogy & Heraldry
REF015000 - Personal & Practical Guides
REF018000 - Questions & Answers
REF019000 - Quotations
REF020000 - Research
REF022000 - Thesauri
REF023000 - Trivia
REF024000 - Weddings
REF025000 - Word Lists
REF026000 - Writing Skills
REF027000 - Yearbooks & Annuals
REF028000 - Handbooks & Manuals
REF030000 - Consumer Guides


Use subjects in this section for works of a general nature or for works about the topics found in this section (note that there is a subheading "Reference" in most other sections and some sections also have a subheading "Dictionaries & Terminology").

Subjects in this section may be used with those in other sections for reference works on topics not found in this section, but it is recommended that topical subjects be assigned first: for example, a bibliography of medical books could be assigned "MEDICAL / Reference" and "REFERENCE / Bibliographies & Indexes"; a bibliography of books about pediatrics could be assigned "MEDICAL / Pediatrics", "MEDICAL / Reference" and "REFERENCE / Bibliographies & Indexes".