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Book Industry Subject Headings


LCO000000 - General
LCO001000 - African
LCO002000 - American / General
LCO002010 - American / African American
LCO003000 - Ancient & Classical
LCO004000 - Asian / General
LCO004010 - Asian / Chinese
LCO004020 - Asian / Indic
LCO004030 - Asian / Japanese
LCO005000 - Australian & Oceanian
LCO006000 - Canadian
LCO007000 - Caribbean & Latin American
LCO008000 - European / General
LCO008010 - European / Eastern
LCO008020 - European / French
LCO008030 - European / German
LCO008040 - European / Italian
LCO008050 - European / Scandinavian
LCO008060 - European / Spanish & Portuguese
LCO009000 - European / English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh
LCO010000 - Essays
LCO011000 - Letters
LCO012000 - Middle Eastern
LCO013000 - Native American
LCO014000 - Russian & Former Soviet Union
LCO015000 - Diaries & Journals
LCO016000 - Gay & Lesbian
LCO017000 - Medieval
LCO018000 - Speeches
LCO019000 - Women Authors


Subjects in this section are for collections that include two or more literary forms (e.g., fiction and poetry) or consist of a literary form that does not have its own section (e.g., essays). Collections of works in a literary form that has its own section (drama, fiction, juvenile fiction, juvenile nonfiction, poetry) should be assigned subjects in the appropriate section.

Because the FICTION section is arranged by genre, if a geographic breakdown is desired for a collection of fiction, an exception to the above rule can be made and subjects may be assigned in both the FICTION and LITERARY COLLECTIONS sections.