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Book Industry Subject Headings


DRA000000 - General
DRA001000 - American / General
DRA001010 - American / African American
DRA002000 - Anthologies - (multiple authors)
DRA003000 - European / English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh
DRA004000 - European / General
DRA004010 - European / French
DRA004020 - European / German
DRA004030 - European / Italian
DRA004040 - European / Spanish & Portuguese
DRA005000 - Asian / General
DRA005010 - Asian / Japanese
DRA006000 - Ancient & Classical
DRA008000 - Religious & Liturgical
DRA010000 - Shakespeare
DRA011000 - African
DRA012000 - Australian & Oceanian
DRA013000 - Canadian
DRA014000 - Caribbean & Latin American
DRA015000 - Middle Eastern
DRA016000 - Russian & Former Soviet Union
DRA017000 - Gay & Lesbian
DRA018000 - Medieval
DRA019000 - Women Authors


Subjects in this section are only for dramatic works written for the stage. Subjects may be used alone (for individual works or collections by one author) or with "DRAMA / Anthologies (multiple authors)".

Critical works should be assigned "LITERARY CRITICISM / Drama" and any other subjects needed in the LITERARY CRITICISM section (and should not be assigned any subjects in the DRAMA section). Note the existence of the subheading "Shakespeare" in both the DRAMA and LITERARY CRITICISM sections.

Use subjects beginning with "PERFORMING ARTS / Theater" for works on drama as performed on the stage and use "PERFORMING ARTS / Screenplays" for dramatic works written for film or television.