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Book Industry Subject Headings


DES000000 - General
DES001000 - Book
DES002000 - Clip Art
DES003000 - Decorative Arts
DES004000 - Essays
DES005000 - Fashion
DES006000 - Furniture
DES007000 - Graphic Arts / General
DES007010 - Graphic Arts / Advertising
DES007020 - Graphic Arts / Branding & Logo Design
DES007030 - Graphic Arts / Commercial & Corporate
DES007040 - Graphic Arts / Illustration
DES007050 - Graphic Arts / Typography
DES008000 - History & Criticism
DES009000 - Industrial
DES010000 - Interior Decorating
DES011000 - Product
DES012000 - Reference
DES013000 - Textile & Costume


Subjects in this section are for works on general principles of design that can be applied to various disciplines (such as art, architecture, crafts, and technology) and for works on design in a field, or of an object, that is not usually considered a fine art (e.g., "DESIGN / Graphic Arts / Advertising" or "DESIGN / Furniture").

Use "DESIGN / Interior Decorating" for works that discuss the arrangement of objects within an interior space and use subjects beginning with "ARCHITECTURE / Interior Design" for works that discuss the architectural design of an interior space.

Use "DESIGN / Textile & Costume" for works about fabrics and costume and use "DESIGN / Fashion" for works about style and clothing.