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Good-health in general
Physical Beauty (*.pdf)
The Body Beautiful (*.pdf)
First Book in Physiology and Hygiene (*.pdf)
The Boy's Viewpoint (*.pdf)
Dedication Tests (*.pdf)
Boys Book of Body Building (*.pdf)
Macfaddens Encyclopedia of Physical Culture (*.pdf)

- Nutrition

Minerals (*.pdf)
Vitamin Basics (*.pdf)
Nutrient Interrelationships Minerals-Vitamins-Endocrines (*.pdf)
Herbs for Healthy Aging (*.pdf)
Nutritional Blood Analysis (*.pdf)
Nutrition Labeling (*.pdf)
Produce Decoded (*.txt)
VA Nutrition Library (zipped *.pdf files)

- Breathing

How to Breathe for Every Type of Exercise (*.pdf)
Respiratory Muscle Training as an Ergogenic Aid (*.pdf)
Breathing Exercises (*.pdf)
Long Deep Breathing (*.pdf)
Pranayama and the Art of Breathing (*.pdf)
Yogic Breathing and Meditation (*.pdf)

- Stretching

Warm Up (*.pdf)
Stretching (*.pdf)
Active Isolated Stretching (*.pdf)
Yoga Postures Step By Step (*.pdf)

- Exercise

Aerobics (*.pdf)
Walking for Exercise (*.pdf)
Active Isolated Strengthening (*.pdf)
Increasing Neck Strength for the Prevention of Injury (*.pdf)
New Study Puts the Crunch on Ineffective Ab Exercises (*.pdf)
Tensing Exercises (*.pdf)
Muscle Building (*.pdf)
Gymnastics for Fitness
Sample Exercises on the Stability Ball (*.pdf)
Female Sex Positions That Double as Exercise (*.pdf)
The Swedish System of Educational Gymnastics (*.pdf)
Tumbling for Girls (*.pdf)
The Teaching of Elementary School Gymnastics (*.pdf)
Teaching Advanced Calisthenic Movements (*.pdf)
The Navy SEAL Physical Fitness Guide (*.pdf)
Manual of Boxing, Club Swinging, and Manly Sports (*.pdf)
Resistive Exercising
Weight Training for Women (*.pdf)
Tubing Maxi-Fitness Program (*.pdf)
Medicine Ball Cleans (*.pdf)
The Nautilus Book (*.pdf)
Physical Fitness for Individuals with Lower Limb Loss (*.pdf)
The Ultimate Weight Training Workout Routine (*.pdf)
Bus Operator Exercise Manual (*.pdf)
Calisthenics with hand-held apparatus
The New Gymnastics for Men, Women, and Children (*.pdf)
The New Calisthenics (*.pdf)
Hand-book of Light Gymnastics (*.pdf)
Ten Minutes Exercise for Busy Men (*.pdf)
Calisthenic Apparatus (*.pdf)
Upper Body Wand Exercises (*.pdf)
The Dumb-bell and Indian Club (*.pdf)
Indian Clubs and Dumb Bells (*.pdf)
Jumping Rope (*.pdf)
Strength Training with Medicine Balls (*.pdf)
Exercises with the Medicine Ball (*.pdf)
+ Indian Club Exercising
Club Swinging (*.pdf)
A Guide to the Anatomy of Indian Clubs (*.pdf)
A Handbook of Indian Club Swinging (*.pdf)
Simple Indian Club Exercises (*.pdf)
Indian Club Exercises (*.pdf)
The Indian Club Exercise (*.pdf)
New System of Indian Club Exercises (*.pdf)
Club Swinging for Physical Exercise and Recreation (*.pdf)
Indian Club Swinging by an Amateur (*.pdf)
Fox's Club Swinging (*.pdf)
Spalding's Indian Club Exercises (*.pdf)
Indian Club Swinging (*.pdf)
Club Exercises (*.pdf)
Indian Club Exercises and Exhibition Drills (*.pdf)

(Overexertion Healing)

The Healing Power of Trauma Comfrey (*.pdf)
The Book of Massage (*.pdf)

Contraindicated Exercises (*.pdf)
High-Risk Exercises (*.pdf)


Self-defense for women
Women's Self-Defense Handout (*.pdf)
The Secret of Unarmed Defense (*.pdf)
The Science of Self-Defense for Girls and Women (*.pdf)
Armed Rape Self-Defense (*.pdf)
The Psychic Self-Defense Personal Training Manual (*.pdf)
Self-defense in general
Physical Culture and Self-Defense (*.pdf)
The New Art of Self Defence (*.pdf)
Bruce Tegner - Self-Defense (*.pdf)
Self-Defense (*.pdf)
Scientific Unarmed Combat (*.pdf)
Practical Self-Defense (*.pdf)
Jui=Jitsu and other Methods of Self-Defense (*.pdf)
Jiu-Jitsu (*.pdf)
Ju-Jitsu Self-Defence (*.pdf)
Jiu-Jitsu Combat Tricks (*.pdf)
Jiu=Jitsu and Physical Culture (*.pdf)
Bruce Tegner - Pressure Points (*.pdf)
Armed and Unarmed Self-Defense (*.pdf)
Defense in the Street (*.pdf)
Self-Protection on a Cycle (*.pdf)
How to Protect Life and Property (*.pdf)
Street Survival (*.pdf)
Moral and legal considerations
Safety on the Mat (*.pdf)
EXAMPLE Dojo Liability Release (*.pdf)
EXAMPLE Event Liability Release (*.pdf)
Reasonable Provocation (*.pdf)
The Human Right of Self Defense (*.pdf)
The Morality of Self-Defense (*.pdf)
Justifying the Right to Self-Defense (*.pdf)
NonLethal Self-Defense (*.pdf)


Bartitsu was the first mixed martial art (predating both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Aikido), and was developed as a practical defense againt an urban street mugging. It combines elements from all of the below listed arts of JoDo, Cane Fighting, Fisticuffs, Non-sport Savate, Non-sport Judo, and Stand-up Wrestling. This is the martial art effectively employed by the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes.

Bartitsu Basics (*.pdf)
Advanced Bartitsu (*.pdf)

- JoDo [walking staff]

JoDo uses the 4' shoulder-high walking staff (a.k.a Gymnastic Wand / Jo) to disable and keep aggressors at bay. Smaller and lighter than a Quarterstaff (a.k.a. Bo), even individuals with a light frame or limited athletic ability can quickly learn to use a walking staff as effectively as they might a short fixed-bayonet. The short staff is typically used two-handed, and is particularly effective against gardening machete and baseball bat attacks.

Jo - The Japanese Short Staff (*.pdf)
The Importance of Weapons Training in Aikido (*.pdf)
ZNKR JoDo (*.pdf)
Fixed Bayonets (*.pdf)
Practical Bayonet Fighting (*.pdf)
Falcon Defense Cane (*.pdf)

- Cane Fighting [walking cane]

The 3' waist-high walking cane is an element in many martial arts such as Bartitsu. Like with Kendo it requires agile footwork, and although held differently due to the lack of a hand guard, it is typically employed like a single-handed fencing sword to disable and disarm aggressors. The cane is particularly effective against knife and taser attacks.

The Fighting Cane (*.pdf)
Canne de Combat (*.pdf)
Combat Cane (*.pdf)
Comment se Defendre (*.pdf) - French
Atillo Balintawak (*.pdf)
Self-Defense with a Walking-Stick (*.pdf)
Self-Defense with a Cane (*.pdf)
The Cane as a Weapon (*.pdf)
The Walking Stick Method of Self-Defence (*.pdf)
Defensive Exercises (*.pdf)
Broad-sword and Single-stick (*.pdf)
Kendo Beginners Guide (*.pdf)

- Fisticuffs [fists]

Fisticuffs uses bare fists, and occasionally the open hand, to discourage an assailant from engaging in grappling. It incorporates techniques from the pre-queensberry rules sport of boxing, and is an element of evolved Savate. A punch is often sufficient dissuasion for an inebriated aggressor.

The Complete Boxer (*.pdf)
Boxing for Beginners and Bayonet Fighting (*.pdf)
Boxing and Wrestling (*.pdf)
Boxing (*.pdf)
The Art and Practice of Boxing (*.pdf)
Scientific Boxing (*.pdf)

- Non-sport Savate [sneakers]

Non-sport Savate uses feet shod in street shoes to discourage an assailant from engaging in grappling. Originally the hands grasped a ships rigging or a railing for improved control and higher kicks; but Savate used ashore evolved to incorporate boxing moves for the hands, making it more like Muay Thai.

Boxing with the Feet (*.pdf)
Fighting with Four Fists (*.pdf)
FISA Savate Defense (*.pdf) - Italian
History and Traditions of Muay Thai (*.pdf)
The Leg Kick (*.pdf)

- Non-sport Judo [tossing]

Non-sport Judo takes the best elements from Jiu-Jitsu with the philosophy of "less moves, but more effective moves". Few poking and strangling moves remain, nor does much of the ground wrestling. Instead, Judo primarily uses leverage to flip an assailant aside while remaining in a defensible standing position. Aikido is similar, but geared more towards disarming assailants.

Rediscovering Kodokan Judo (*.pdf)
Jiu-Jutsu (*.pdf)
Modern Judo - volume 1 (*.pdf)
Modern Judo - volume 2 (*.pdf)
Aikido Beginners Guide (*.pdf)
The Text-Book of Ju-Jutsu as Practised in Japan (*.pdf)
The Fine Art of Jujutsu (*.pdf)

- Stand-up Wrestling [grappling]

Stand-up wrestling is useful for holding an assailant from attacking others or keeping a perpetrator from fleeing, while retaining a defensible standing or crouching position. It primarily incorporates grappling techniques from the sport of Standing Catch-as-Catch-Can Wrestling, with some additional All-in Wrestling elements.

Standing Catch-as-Catch-Can Wrestling (*.pdf)
How to Wrestle (*.pdf)
A Hand-Book of Wrestling (*.pdf)
Wrestling and How to Train (*.pdf)
Wrestling (*.pdf)

(Athletic Conditioning)

Conditioning (*.pdf)
10 Steps to a Better Body (*.pdf)
A Manual of Physical Training and Preparatory Military Instruction (*.pdf)
Wand Exercises (*.pdf)
Shadow Boxing (*.pdf)
How to Punch the Bag (*.pdf)
Art of Boxing and Manual of Training (*.pdf)
Strength and Conditioning for Muay Thai Athletes (*.pdf)
Tumbling for Amateurs (*.pdf)
Physical Training for Women by Japanese Methods (*.pdf)
Physical Training for Children by Japanese Methods (*.pdf)