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Alcoholic Beverages = [extensive comparison]

Field Guides = [pocket sized identification guides]

Fun with 1/64 scale cars (e.g.: Hotwheels, Johnny Lightning, Matchbox)

These cars were meant to be played with. Part of the fun is inventing fantasy worlds in which these cars are a major feature. Here are some ideas inspired by "playsets":

Playsets can be grouped into distinct "Zones". (*.rtf)
A mythology can be created about each "Zone". (*.rtf)
Vehicles can be sorted into distinct categories. (*.rtf)
The vehicle packaging often includes vehicle specifications. (*.rtf)
Papercraft Lamborgini Showroom for Hot Wheels cars (zipped pattern)
And there are even "road warrior" miniatures rules available. (*.pdf)

Below are an assortment of scanned books and papers of interest:


5 Stock Trading Tips (*.txt)
Action Verbs for Your Resume (*.pdf)
Aluminum Bonding Research Project (*.pdf)
Artists Brush Selection Guide (*.pdf)
Battery Types (*.txt)
Car Gift Transfers (*.txt)
Cautionary Quotes (*.txt)
Classical Music List (*.txt)
Diamond Grade (*.pdf)
Geologic Eras (*.jpg)
Harmonics and Sound (*.pdf)
How public education cripples our kids, and why (*.txt)
How to Pose as a Strong Man (*.pdf)
Krampus (*.rtf)
Meanings of Numbers [Numerology] (*.pdf)
Mitigating "Dukkha" (*.pdf)
Mood Stone Colors (*.txt)
Musical Spectrum, The (*.pdf)
Napkin Folding (*.pdf)
New Process for enameling Stainless Steel and Aluminum (*.pdf)
Nine Steps to Selling Yourself as a Solution Provider (*.rtf)
Police Evolution (*.txt)
Professional Starter Microphones (*.pdf)
Repeating Numbers [Numerology] (*.pdf)
Scientific Method (*.txt)
Siluetas Metalicas (*.pdf)
State Abbreviations (*.rtf)
Table Setting (*.jpg)
Tin-Nickel Alloy Plating (*.pdf)
Towel Animals (*.pdf)
Turn of the millennium ZIP Code List (*.txt)
Ultraviolet Therapeutic Applications (*.pdf)
Your DNA can be taken involuntarily (*.pdf)


Animals of Long Ago (*.pdf book)
Beekeeping for Beginners (*.pdf book)
Book of the Twenty-Two, The (*.pdf book)
Brief Leica Chronicle, A (*.pdf book)
Cable Car (*.pdf book)
Characters on Wheels (*.pdf book)
Color for Men (*.pdf book)
Coup of the Aliens (*.pdf book)
Eichler_Homes (*.pdf book)
Famous Horses and their people (*.pdf book)
First Pile, The (*.pdf book)
Florida CDL Handbook (*.pdf book)
Fundamental Operations in Bead Arithmetic, The (*.pdf book)
German Airships (*.pdf book)
How To Make & Fly Paper Airplanes (*.pdf book)
Instant Numerologist, The (*.pdf book) ~ [supplemental software]
Japanese Spirit and Culture [c.1939] (*.pdf book)
Instructions for Use of PAILLARD Model H Cameras (*.pdf book)
Lithium [Alchemy] (*.pdf book)
Little Girl's Sewing Book, The (*.pdf book)
Magnetic Current (*.pdf book)
Magnetic Therapy (*.pdf book)
Mechanistic View of War and Peace, A (*.pdf book)
Mopar Suspensions (*.pdf book)
New Leica Manual, The (*.pdf book)
Peter Pan Story Picture Book, The (*.pdf book)
Profitable Patterns for Stock Trading (*.pdf book)
Retro Rockets (*.pdf book)
Return of the Jedi (*.pdf book)
Science, Art, and Visual Illusions (*.pdf book)
Smudging with Sage and Herbs (*.pdf book)
Star Wars (*.pdf book)
Towpaths to Tugboats (*.pdf book)
Trailing the Trilobites (*.pdf book)
Underground (*.pdf book)
Unsolved Riddle of Social Justice, The (*.pdf book)