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Alcoholic Beverages = [extensive comparison]

Field Guides = [pocket sized identification guides]

Fun with 1/64 scale cars (e.g.: Hotwheels, Johnny Lightning, Matchbox)

These cars were meant to be played with. Part of the fun is inventing fantasy worlds in which these cars are a major feature. Here are some ideas inspired by "playsets":

Playsets can be grouped into distinct "Zones". (*.pdf)
A mythology can be created about each "Zone". (*.pdf)
Vehicles can be sorted into distinct categories. (*.pdf)
The vehicle packaging often includes vehicle specifications. (*.pdf)
Papercraft Lamborgini Showroom for Hot Wheels cars (zipped pattern)
And there are even "road warrior" miniatures rules available. (abridged pdf)

Below are an assortment of scanned books and papers of interest:


5 Stock Trading Tips (*.txt)
Action Verbs for Your Resume (*.pdf)
Aluminum Bonding Research Project (*.pdf)
Artists Brush Selection Guide (*.pdf)
Battery Types (*.txt)
Car Gift Transfers (*.txt)
Cautionary Quotes (*.txt)
Classical Music List (*.txt)
Diamond Grade (*.pdf)
Geologic Eras (*.jpg)
Harmonics and Sound (*.pdf)
How public education cripples our kids, and why (*.txt)
How to Pose as a Strong Man (*.pdf)
Mitigating "Dukkha" (*.pdf)
Musical Spectrum, The (*.pdf)
Napkin Folding (*.pdf)
New Process for enameling Stainless Steel and Aluminum (*.pdf)
Nine Steps to Selling Yourself as a Solution Provider (*.rtf)
Police Evolution (*.txt)
Professional Starter Microphones (*.pdf)
Scientific Method (*.txt)
Sensory Abilities of Horses and Their Importance for Equitation Science (*.pdf)
Siluetas Metalicas (*.pdf)
State Abbreviations (*.rtf)
Table Setting (*.jpg)
Tin-Nickel Alloy Plating (*.pdf)
Towel Animals (*.pdf)
Turn of the millennium ZIP Code List (*.txt)
Ultraviolet Therapeutic Applications (*.pdf)
Your DNA can be taken involuntarily (*.pdf)


Animals of Long Ago (*.pdf book)
Beekeeping for Beginners (*.pdf book)
Book of the Twenty-Two, The (*.pdf book)
Brief Leica Chronicle, A (*.pdf book)
Cable Car (*.pdf book)
Characters on Wheels (*.pdf book)
Color for Men (*.pdf book)
Eichler Homes (*.pdf book)
Every Girl's Book (*.pdf book)
Famous Horses and their people (*.pdf book)
First Pile, The (*.pdf book)
Florida CDL Handbook (*.pdf book)
Fundamental Operations in Bead Arithmetic, The (*.pdf book)
German Airships (*.pdf book)
Henley's Twentieth Century Book of Recipes, Formulas and Processes (*.pdf book)
How To Make & Fly Paper Airplanes (*.pdf book)
Japanese Spirit and Culture [c.1939] (*.pdf book)
Instructions for Use of PAILLARD Model H Cameras (*.pdf book)
Little Girl's Sewing Book, The (*.pdf book)
Magnetic Current (*.pdf book)
Mechanistic View of War and Peace, A (*.pdf book)
Mopar Suspensions (*.pdf book)
New Leica Manual, The (*.pdf book)
Peter Pan Story Picture Book, The (*.pdf book)
Profitable Patterns for Stock Trading (*.pdf book)
Retro Rockets (*.pdf book)
Return of the Jedi (*.pdf book)
Science, Art, and Visual Illusions (*.pdf book)
Star Wars (*.pdf book)
Towpaths to Tugboats (*.pdf book)
Trailing the Trilobites (*.pdf book)
Underground (*.pdf book)
Unsolved Riddle of Social Justice, The (*.pdf book)
Your Boy and His Training (*.pdf book)