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Field Guides

In the second quarter of the twentieth century, Whitman Publishing produced a series of index card sized hardback field guides for the general public, with the idea that you would carry them in your pocket in order to identify things you might see on a trip to a park. Below is a tiny cross-section of the many color illustrated guides they published.

Airplanes of the U.S.A. (*.pdf book)
Birds of America [blue] (*.pdf book)
Birds of America [green] (*.pdf book)
Birds of America [red] (*.pdf book)
Butterflies and Moths of America (*.pdf book)
Codes and Signals (*.pdf book)
Dogs [red] (*.pdf book)
Field Flowers (*.pdf book)
Fresh Water Fish (*.pdf book)
Garden Flowers (*.pdf book)
Trees of North America (*.pdf book)
U.S. Army Insignia (*.pdf book)
U.S. Navy Insignia (*.pdf book)
Wild Flowers of America (*.pdf book)
Woodland Flowers (*.pdf book)

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Optics for Birding (*.pdf book)
Pet ages in human years (*.png)
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