Offbeat Internet


Vacuum Tube Valley Magazine
EIMAC Celebrates 50 Years of Excellence 1934-1984 (*.pdf yearbook)
Preliminary design sketch for an Isopath Amplifier (*.pdf)
The Design and Construction of Vacuum-Tube Tesla Coils (*.pdf)
Power Protection (*.pdf)
555 Timer Pinouts (*.rtf)
Timer Circuits (*.pdf book)
Electronic Radiation Alarm
Using Passive Radar to detect flying objects (*.pdf book)
Electronic Decorating Screen Heater Control (*.pdf)


American Telegraph Practice (*.pdf book)
American Telephone Practice (*.pdf book)
General guide for Radio Monitoring (*.pdf book)
An introduction to Radio Broadcasting (*.pdf book)
Very Low Frequency Radio Station List (*.pdf)
Gyrator II VLF Receiver (*.pdf)
Telco Wire Colors illustration (*.gif)
Handling the Irate Caller (*.pdf book)

Transmitters for the Public Frequencies

CB = Midland 75-785
FRS = Cobra MicroTalk PR650
MURS = Dakota Alert 538
VHF Marine = Midland Nautico 3


A History of Modern Computing (*.pdf book)
The state of Usenet (*.txt)
Southern Hemisphere TLDs (*.txt)
LAN OSI Model illustration (*.gif)
LAN Hardware illustration (*.gif)
Network Crossover Cable Pinouts (*.txt)
AMI BIOS Beep Codes (*.pdf)
Port Addresses (*.jpg)
AT Command Set (*.pdf)
CADD Glossary (*.pdf)

AOL Sounds

About .txt
DROP .zip
IM .zip

A copy of AOL 8.0 Plus (complementary software... not required to play the sounds)

AOL .txt
AOL8-0_Plus .zip

Preferred Free WinXP Software

Most Win2k software will work just fine with WinXP. However in some areas, such as with networking, it is better to run software specifically designed for WinXP. These free programs are therefore recommended over their Win2k counterparts on WinXP.

Firefox for WinXP

Last Firefox for Windows XP

blurb .txt
Firefox_51-0-1 .zip

 - Flash Player for Firefox

blurb .txt
flashplayer_13_plugin_debug .zip

 - Adblock Plus for Firefox

blurb .txt
adblock_plus_2-9-1 .zip

 - Classic Theme Restorer for Firefox

blurb .txt
classic_theme_restorer_1-6-7 .zip

Instant Eyedropper

blurb .txt
Instant_Eyedropper .zip