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Natal Astrology is a popular fortune telling tool, and highly generic "pop" Sun-sign forecasts are regularly posted in print media and on the Internet. This page contains comprehensive resources for learning how to cast and deeply interpret Astrology charts (including specialty charts, such as those used in Horary Astrology).

Wavefront Astrology

Essays on Wavefront Astrology

Harmonic Interaction Model for Defining Aspects (*.pdf)
-calculations- (*.xls)
~ Second Order (*.xls)
~ Third Order (*.xls)
~ Fifth Order (*.xls)
~ Comparison (*.xls)
~ Disharmony (*.xls)

Does House Division Make Sense (*.pdf)
Housecleaning Astrological Tenets (*.pdf)

Traditional Astrology

Ephermerides 1924-2031 (zipped *.csv)
Note: accuracy is tolerable, barely - [aries=0] [just before midnight UT]
year, month, day, sun, mon, mer, ven, mar, jup, sat, ura, nep, plu, nod


Astro-Carto-Graphy Interpretations (*.pdf)


HORARY Chart Setup (*.pdf)
A Natal Astrologers Guide To Horary - part1 (*.pdf)
A Natal Astrologers Guide To Horary - part2 (*.pdf)
A Natal Astrologers Guide To Horary - part3 (*.pdf)
A Natal Astrologers Guide To Horary - part4 (*.pdf)
A Natal Astrologers Guide To Horary - part5 (*.pdf)
A Natal Astrologers Guide To Horary - part6 (*.pdf)


12 Houses, The (*.pdf book)
A to Z Horoscope Maker and Delineator (*.pdf book)
Art of Chart Interpretation, The (*.pdf book)
Astrology Basics (*.pdf)
Elements of Astrology (*.pdf)
Encyclopedia of Astrology (*.pdf book)
Essays on Astrology (*.pdf book)
Is There Really a Mars Effect? (*.pdf)
Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need, The (*.pdf book)
Planets in Aspect (*.pdf book)
Planets in Composite (*.pdf book)
Planets in Transit (*.pdf book)
Planets in Youth (*.pdf book)
Predictive Astrology (*.pdf book)
Progressed Horoscope Simplified, The (*.pdf book)
Retrograde Planets (*.pdf book)
Rising Signs (*.pdf book)
Rulership Book, The (*.pdf book)
Saturn (*.pdf book)
Signs of mental illness (*.pdf book)
Solar Arcs (*.pdf book)
Synastry (*.pdf book)

Except in unusual charts, such as a bi-wheel chart, the zodiac Signs would never interact, so there is a dearth of material on such interplay. This little-white-book from a deck of cards called the Visual Zodiac explores such interactions. The Keyword chosen for each Sign combination suggests a representative archetype for contemplation.

Visual Zodiac LWB (*.pdf)