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Harmonic Interaction Model for Defining Aspects (*.rtf)
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~ Second Order (*.xls)
~ Third Order (*.xls)
~ Fifth Order (*.xls)
~ Comparison (*.xls)
~ Disharmony (*.xls)
Housecleaning Astrological Tenets (*.rtf)

Traditional Astrology

Ephermerides 1924-2031 (zipped *.csv)


Astro-Carto-Graphy Interpretations (*.pdf)


HORARY Chart Setup (*.doc)
A Natal Astrologers Guide To Horary - part1 (*.pdf)
A Natal Astrologers Guide To Horary - part2 (*.pdf)
A Natal Astrologers Guide To Horary - part3 (*.pdf)
A Natal Astrologers Guide To Horary - part4 (*.pdf)
A Natal Astrologers Guide To Horary - part5 (*.pdf)
A Natal Astrologers Guide To Horary - part6 (*.pdf)


A to Z Horoscope Maker and Delineator (*.pdf book)
Art of Chart Interpretation, The (*.pdf book)
Astrology Basics (*.pdf)
Elements of Astrology (*.pdf)
Encyclopedia of Astrology (*.pdf book)
Essays on Astrology (*.pdf book)
Is There Really a Mars Effect? (*.pdf)
Planets in Aspect (*.pdf book)
Planets in Composite (*.pdf book)
Planets in Youth (*.pdf book)
Progressed Horoscope Simplified, The (*.pdf book)
Rising Signs (*.pdf book)
Rulership Book, The (*.pdf book)
Signs of mental illness (*.pdf book)
Synastry (*.pdf book)

Except in unusual charts, such as a bi-wheel chart, the zodiac Signs would never interact, so there is a dearth of material on such interplay. This little-white-book from a deck of cards called the Visual Zodiac explores such interactions. The Keyword chosen for each Sign combination suggests a representative archetype for contemplation.

Visual Zodiac LWB (*.pdf)

Interestingly, there is a Message Board available which includes the Signs and Planets as a way to provide answers about attitude, timing, and action.

The Psychic Circle (*.pdf)