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Gopher Protocol

Server Software

Here are several Gopher servers that you can use to provide Gopherspace. We have attempted to include only the most recently released versions of each server, and the collection represents nearly every known Gopher server available to the public. There are servers here for several different computer platforms, as well as several alternative servers for the same computer platforms.

Almost all Gopher servers are conventional (Gopher0) servers. Gopher+ servers are extremely rare, (the "UMN GopherD" and the multi-protocol "Pygopherd" are two exceptions), as the proposed Gopher+ protocol extensions have met with very little Internet community acceptance.

If possible, we would like to receive functionality reviews from anyone who has attempted to use these Gopher servers, especially users of the MVS and CMS Gopher servers. Gopher documentation has always been spartan, and this is especially true with Gopher server and client software. Therefore, your comments on any quirks in the way the software functions would be most valuable, and your observations may be included with future documentation we bundle along with the Servers.

If you know of any other Gopher servers not listed here, we would be interested in obtaining a copy to offer as a free download. This includes any Gopher server software you may have developed yourself.

Warning: Whenever you install a Server, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you configure ALL the "Type" extension mappings. For example, if you fail to configure the extension "WAV" as "Type s", many Clients (such as PC Gopher III for example) will try to open this Binary file as a Text file; making it impossible for the user to lisen to it or save it!

See the Repository for other server configuration tips.