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Gopher Protocol


Caution: The "FAQs and Guides", and especially the "Server Tips and Tricks", are all documents collected from the wild on the Internet. They are presented here for edification only, and should not be construed as defining standards.

FAQs and Guides

Gopher FAQ
What is Gopher - (.pdf)
An introduction to the Gopher protocol
Internet Gopher Users Guide - (.pdf)
Gopher and Gopher+ - (.rtf)
Tricks of the Internet Gurus
Veronica FAQ
Gopher and Veronica - (.pdf)
Gopher Search Tools - (.pdf)

Server Tips and Tricks

Gopher Protocol - (.rtf)
Item-Type choices
Selector Strings Explained - (.pdf)
How to create a Link File
How to link to URLs
Menu design tips
Informational File design tips
ASCII Document design tips
Gophermap How-To - (.pdf)
Creating a Gopher server with PHP and InetD - (.pdf)
Virtual name-based hosts using xInetD and BuckD