Emergency Preparedness
Protecting Dependents

Assisting Children

 Educating children

Planning Together for Emergencies Educator Guide .pdf
Fire Safety Program Educator Guide .pdf
Games That Teach .pdf
Guiding 4-H Youth in Civil Defense .pdf
The Schools and Civil Defense .pdf
Planning for Junior High School Civil Defense Education .pdf
Student Guide to Building an Emergency Fund .pdf


Guide to Babysitting .pdf
Giving Good Directions .pdf
Child Pedestrian Safety for Parents .pdf
Elevators and Escalators .pdf
Personal Finance Guide for Single Parents .pdf
Poison Proofing your Home .pdf
Poisonous Plants .pdf
Kids and Pool Safety .pdf
Safety Barrier Guidelines for Residential Pools .pdf
An Internet Safety Plan for the Whole Family .pdf
Nonfamily Child Abduction Prevention .pdf
Family Child Abduction Prevention .pdf
Civil Defense Measures for the Protection of Children .pdf
Nonstructural Mitigation for Child Care Centers .pdf
Civil Defense in Schools .mp4
Civil Defense in Schools .pdf
Civil Defense Handbook for School Administrators .pdf
Your Inventory for Keeping Everyone Safe .pdf
Guidelines for Managing Life-threatening Food Allergies in Illinois Schools .pdf
Obstetrics and Pediatrics .pdf
Infant and Child First Aid .pdf
Bee Sting Allergy Action Plan .pdf
Health Issues for Traveling Children .pdf
Food Allergy Action Plan .pdf
Cold vs Flu .pdf
EMS Pediatric Prehospital Care Manual .pdf
Hospital Decontamination and the Pediatric Patient .pdf
Children and Radiation .pdf
Recognizing Stress in Children .pdf
Helping Children After a Disaster .pdf
Helping Children Cope with Disaster .pdf
Helping Children Cope with a Disaster .pdf
The Impact of COVID-19 on children .pdf
Guidelines for Responding to the Death of a Student or School Staff .pdf

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