Emergency Preparedness
Neighborly Response

Outside Assistance

 Calling for Help

Survival Communitcations FAQ .txt
Hand Alphabet .jpg
Semaphore Alphabet .jpg
Morse Code Alphabet .jpg
Sound-Powered Telephone Talkers Manual .pdf
Guidance for Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service .pdf
911 ABROAD .pdf
Marine VHF Radio Channels .pdf
Where There is No Phone .pdf
Non-HAM Radio Resources .pdf
Supplemental Communications Plan using the Personal Radio Services .pdf
How to Connect Analog Telephones .jpg
Minimum Telecommunications for Field Personnel .pdf
Emergency Telecommunications Equipment .pdf
Radio & Satellite Communications in Areas of Conflict .pdf
Disaster Relief Telecommunications .pdf
Emergency Services Communications .pdf
Voice Radio Communications Guide for the Fire Service .pdf

 Rescue Services

Emergency Response Aircraft .pdf
Civil Air Patrol .pdf
Civil Air Patrol organization .pdf
Freeway Service Patrol .pdf
Forest Fire Fighters Service .pdf
Coast Guard Auxiliary .pdf
National Weather Service .pdf
Search and Rescue Manual .pdf
Flood Rescue .pdf
Emergency Services Flood Rescue Boat Operations .pdf
Civil Defense Rescue Service .pdf
Rescue Skills and Techniques .pdf
Emergency Services Road Accident Rescue .pdf
Handling Electric and Natural Gas Hazards in an Emergency .pdf
Capability Guidelines for Structural Collapse .pdf
Debris Tunnelling .mp4
Emergency Services Vertical Rescue .pdf
Patient Refusal of Treatment or Transport .pdf
Equipment for Ambulances .pdf
BLS-ILS-ALS Ambulance Supply List .pdf
Minimum Equipment Standards for EMS Services .pdf

 Medical Services

HSUS Disaster Services Program .pdf
AVMA Disaster Preparedness and Response Guide .pdf
Disaster Preparedness for Veterinary Practices .pdf
The Civil Defense Emergency Hospital .mp4
Packaged Disaster Hospital .pdf
The Effects of Interior Design Parameters on the Design Quality of Nurse Stations .pdf
Developing Emergency Medical Services .pdf
Disaster Medicine .pdf
Nutrition and Food Services Patient Disaster Menu Guidelines .pdf
Hospital Pandemic Planning Guidelines .pdf
Health Sector Pandemic Influenza Contingency Plan .pdf
School District Pandemic Planning .pdf
Mass Transit Pandemic Guideline .pdf
Ethics during a pandemic .pdf
Case Study of Civil Unrest During a Pandemic .pdf

 Lodging Services

Emergency Care for the Homeless .pdf
The Salvation Army Disaster Services Vehicles .pdf
Base Camp Hygiene and Health .pdf
Loads of Hope .pdf
Meeting the Needs of Vulnerable People in Times of Disaster .pdf
Dining Services Disaster Plan .pdf
So What Exactly Does It Take To Install A FEMA Trailer .pdf
Wind Mitigation Recommendations for FEMA Travel Trailers .pdf
Efficiently Cleaning a Guest Room .mp4

 Financial Assistance

How to Prepare Financially for a Disaster .pdf
How to Recover Financially from a Disaster .pdf
Managing Financial Losses from a Natural Disaster .pdf
Recovering the Value of Storm Damaged Timber from Taxes .pdf
Disaster Mitigation and Insurance .pdf
Plan Ahead .pdf
Homeowners Insurance Toolkit .pdf
National Flood Insurance Program .pdf
Risk Management and Insurance for Museums .pdf
Renters Insurance .pdf
Insurance For Self Storage .pdf
Home Insurance Tips After a Disaster .pdf
Crop Insurance and Disaster Assistance .pdf
Your guide to insurance and financial preparation .pdf
Guide to Automobile Insurance .pdf
Travel Insurance .pdf
Settling Insurance Claims after a Disaster .pdf
Disaster Assistance Insurance Helpline .pdf

 Relief Assistance

The History of Disaster Relief Voluntary Agencies .pdf
A Citizen's Guide to Disaster Assistance .pdf
Developing a Local Church Disaster Plan .pdf
The Religious Communities Response to Katrina .pdf
National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters .pdf
About the American Red Cross .pdf
About The Salvation Army .pdf
Local Church Disaster Preparedness Manual .pdf
Community Shelter Supplies .pdf
Mental Health Practitioners Guidelines for Psychological Services .pdf
A Guide for Spiritual Care in Times of Disaster .pdf
Emotional and Spiritual Care .pdf
The Clergy in Civil Defense .pdf
Annals of the ICDO .pdf
Emergency Operating Centers -The Basic Concepts .mp4
Good Ideas Book .pdf
LEPC Information .pdf
Railroad Emergency Plan .pdf
Marine Emergency Plan .pdf
Aircraft Emergency Disaster Plan .pdf
Recovering Coal Mines After Explosions and Fires .pdf
Preparing a Community Wildfire Protection Plan .pdf
Guide for All-Hazard Emergency Operations Planning .pdf
Guide for All-Hazard Emergency Operations Planning - AppendixG .pdf
Developing Arrangements for Response to a Radiological Emergency .pdf
Radiological Defense .mp4
Sample Emergency Operations Plan .pdf
Emergency Management Course .pdf
Emergency Program Manager Course .pdf
Emergency Services General and Disaster Rescue .pdf
Multi-Agency Incident Management .pdf

 Crisis Assistance

Asteroid Impact Issues .pdf
Asteroid Hazard Mitigation .pdf
Civil Defense Urban Analysis .pdf
Human Rights and Natural Disasters .pdf
Management of Dead Bodies in Disaster Situations .pdf
Funeral Pre-Planning .pdf
Funeral Planning Guide .pdf
Cryonic Preservation Statement .pdf

 Continuation of Community

American Red Cross- Disaster Relief Program .pdf
A Legislative History of Federal Disaster Relief .pdf
Protecting the Most Vulnerable in Emergencies .pdf
The Supply Service .pdf
National Emergency Maximum Food Distribution Allowance .jpg
Emergency Planning and Operations Handbook .pdf
National Response Plan .pdf
Development of a State and Local Continuity of Government Capability .pdf
Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Unit .pdf
Military Support to Civil Authority .pdf
Domestic Support Operations .pdf
Internment Operations .pdf
The Location of Concentration Camps in America .pdf

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