Emergency Preparedness
Neighborly Response
Outside Assistance

Community Alerts


Info - Emergency Broadcasts .mp3
NOAA Weather Radio .pdf
Tornado Watch and Tornado Warning .pdf
The Role of CB and Travelers Information Stations in Emergencies .pdf
Distress Calls .pdf
Maritime Safety Systems .pdf


Vehicle Backing Bell .mp3 {slow: ding}
Locomotive Approaching Public Grade Crossing Whistle .mp3 {long-long-short-long}
Yield to Emergency Responder Yelp .mp3 {veryfast: warble}


Beach Warning Flags .pdf
Coastal Warning Display Signals .pdf
Fog Lights and Signals .pdf
Homeland Security Advisory System .pdf
Distress Signals .pdf
Require Emergency Assistance Horn .mp3 {verylong}


Outdoor Warning Systems Guide .pdf
Info - Attack Warnings .mp3
Attack Siren .mp3 {veryslow: warble}
General Alert Siren .mp3 {continuous}
Evacuate Area Alarm .mp3 {short-short-short}
US Navy Collision Alarm .wav {veryfast: ding-ding-ding}
US Navy Flight Crash Alarm .wav {fast: warble}
US Navy General Alarm .wav {fast: ding}

Behavioral Considerations

The Structure of Social Responses to Unanticipated Warnings .pdf
Language Issues and Barriers .pdf

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