Emergency Preparedness
Emergency Shelters

Shelter Considerations

Occupation Considerations

Expedient Shelter Construction and Occupancy Experiments .pdf
Case Study of Behavior in an Emergency Shelter .pdf
Psychological and Social Adjustment in a Similated Shelter .pdf
The Psychology of Living Underground .pdf
Fear of Confined Space .pdf
Music Therapy .pdf
Aromatherapy .pdf
Handbook for Fallout Shelter Management .pdf
Shelter Management Guidance .pdf
Shelter Management Handbook .pdf
Shelter Operation and Supplies .pdf
Guidence for Development of an Emergency Shelter Stocking Plan .pdf
Standard Supplies for the Fallout Shelter .pdf
Recommended Intakes of Vitamins and Essential Minerals .pdf
Light Therapy .pdf
Healthy Shelter .pdf
Indoor Air Quality .pdf
Noroviruses in Group Shelters .pdf
Ionization Kills Airborne Germs .doc
Guide to Radon Mitigation .pdf
Radiation Safety in Shelters .pdf
Reducing Formaldehyde Exposure .pdf
PVC Hazards and Alternatives .pdf

Shelter Component Considerations

Info - Public Shelter Signs .mp3
LUNAplast .pdf
Posting Fallout Shelter Signs .pdf
Sign Installation Guide .pdf
Why Building Codes .pdf
Drainage and Sanitation .pdf
Energy Conserving Features Inherent In Older Homes .pdf
Reduce Risk with Renewable Energy Technologies .pdf
Creating a High Performance Home .pdf
Water Systems for Farm Homes .pdf
Homeowner's Guide to Well and Septic Systems .pdf
Backcountry Sanitation Manual .pdf
Composting Toilet Systems .pdf
Building for Everyone- Sanitary Facilities .pdf
Sunpipe .pdf
Historic Indoor Lighting Methods .pdf
Supplemental Biogas Generation .pdf
The Alaska Consumer Guide to Home Heating .pdf
Self-Contained Air Supply .pdf
Passive Cooling .pdf
Gravity Ventilation Systems .pdf
Ventilation System Choice and Economics .pdf
Fundamentals of Kitchen Ventilation .pdf
Guideline for the Design of a Food Handling Establishment .pdf
Food Premises Design Construction and Fit-out Guide .pdf
Firehouses Require Proper Sleep Facilities .pdf
Limited Space Gym Design .pdf

Shelter Defense

Blackouts .pdf
Blackout of Poultry Houses and Dairy Barns .pdf
Industrial Camouflage Manual .pdf
No-Tresspassing Signage .pdf
Pest Prevention by Design .pdf
Nonlethal Management of Wildlife Damage .pdf
Ultra-Sonic Teenager Deterent System .pdf
Video Surveillance Guidelines .pdf
HEMP Protection for Fixed Ground-Based Facilities .pdf
Shelter Closures .pdf
Hurricane Shutter Matrix .pdf
Plank Flood Barriers .pdf
Fencing Wildlife Out .pdf
Security Fences and Gates .pdf
Reference Manual to Mitigate Potential Terrorist Attacks Against Buildings .pdf
Enclosed Space WaterMist Class-C Fire Surpression .pdf
Large Enclosed Space HotFoam Class-AB Fire Surpression .pdf
Corrosion on Avionics Equipment .pdf
Aquapol Dampness Deterrent .pdf
Repair and Maintenence of Marble and Limestone Structures .pdf
Preservation of Wood Structures .pdf
The Complete Photo Guide to Home Repair .pdf
Care of Household Metals .pdf
Corrosion Control for Aircraft .pdf
Homeowners Guide to Oil Tanks .pdf
The Welding Handbook .pdf

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