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Microwave Radiation Hazards from Radars .pdf
Microwave Oven Radiation Safety .pdf
Cell Tower Radiation Hazards and Solutions .pdf
Cell Tower Safety .pdf
Electric and Magnetic Field Radiation from Power Lines .pdf
Blackouts .pdf
Surviving a Power Outage with Complex Medical Issues .pdf
Safety Tips for Emergency Lighting and Heating .pdf
Winter Power Failures .pdf
How do you live without electricity .pdf
The Power is Out .pdf
Freezers During Power Outage .pdf
What to Do During a Power Failure on the Farm .pdf
Laboratory Power Failure Emergency Procedrures .pdf
Fact Sheet - Using a Generator .pdf
Lessons in Emergency Power Preparedness .pdf
Emergency and Standby Power Systems .pdf
Build Your Own 12vdc Generator .pdf
Foot Power .pdf
Solar Technology for Catastrophe Response .pdf
Small Solar Electric Systems .pdf
Small Wind Electric Systems .pdf
Small Hydro Electric Systems .pdf
Small Thermo Electric Systems .pdf
Uninterruptible Power Supply .pdf
Selecting and Installing a Battery Backup System .pdf
Homemade Batteries .pdf
Maintaining backup battery systems for maximum usage and reliability .pdf
Emergency Data Center Cooling .pdf
Solar Storm Disaster Preparedness Plan .pdf
Protecting Yourself From EMP .txt
Instructions for Building a Faraday Cage .pdf
Electromagnetic Pulse and the Radio Amateur .pdf
Shielding Grids from Solar Storms .pdf
Healthcare Facility Power Outage Considerations .pdf
Solar Storm Threat Analysis .pdf
An Exemplar of a Dangerous Space Weather Event .pdf
EMP Testimony .pdf
The Weapon of Peace .pdf
EMP .pdf
Electromagnetic Pulse and Civil Preparedness .pdf
Report of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the US from EMP .pdf
Long-term Effects of an EMP Event .pdf

With our ubiquitous reliance on electricity, a catastrophic natural or induced failure of the electric/communications grid could realistically cause a long term breakdown of infrastructure in both first- and second- world countries. Although reconstruction is not the focus of this web page, it would be prudent to download and print (or to store onto non-volatile media) some of the books at this non-affiliated external link: http://www.survivorlibrary.com/library-download

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