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Biological Incidents

Biological Agent Information Papers .pdf
Rid Your Home of Mildew .pdf
Mold .pdf
Booklice and their Relatives .pdf (mold indicator)
Washing Machine as a Reservoir of Multidrug-resistant Pathogens .pdf
Biodetection Architectures .pdf
Medical Aspects of Biological Defensive Operations .pdf
Infectious Diseases Following Natural Disasters .pdf
Handling Blood and Other Body Substances .pdf
Protect Yourself & Others from Influenza .pdf
Interim Guidance for Protecting Workers from Occupational Exposure to Zika Virus .pdf
Personal Protective Equipment .pdf
Avian Influenza PPE Guide .pdf
Disinfection .pdf
Emergency Biological Decontamination Solutions .pdf
Food Poisoning .pdf
Foodborne Illness-Causing Organisms in the US .pdf
Communicable Diseases and Field Sanitation .pdf
Food Safety and Food Defense for Schools .pdf
Biosecurity Checklist for School Foodservice Programs .pdf
Biosecurity Protection for Cattle Operations .pdf
Biosecurity Protection for Poultry Operations .pdf
Biosecurity Protection for Fish Operations .pdf
Ways to minimize GMO contamination .pdf
Cattle Mutilation and TSE epidemic correlation .pdf
Animal Protection .pdf
Avian Influenza Guidelines for Zoos .pdf
Diseases that can be Spread during Sex .pdf
Preventing the Sexual Transmission of Zika Virus .pdf
Guidelines for the Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Disease .pdf
How to Predict Epidemics .pdf
Vaccination Training Manual .pdf
Religious Immunization Exemption Certificate .pdf
Big Picture on Epidemics .pdf
Regional Pandemic Influenza Response Plan .pdf
Open Public Meetings Act General Guidance Regarding Coronavirus .pdf
Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Plan .pdf
Pandemic Checklists .pdf
Emergency Responder and Pandemic Influenza .pdf
Personal Pandemic Planning Guide .pdf
Twenty Ways to Prepare for a Pandemic .pdf
Family Pandemic Influenza Planning .pdf
Some suggestions to think about how to prepare .pdf
COVID-19 .pdf
Guidelines for Social Distancing .pdf
Family Caregiver Resources for the Coronavirus .pdf
Infection Control .pdf
Social Distancing Support Guidelines for Pandemic Readiness .pdf
Homeless Shelter Pandemic Planning .pdf
Guidance on the Coronavirus for VA Grantees Providing Homeless Services .pdf
College Dormatory Pandemic Planning .pdf
Washington State Jails Coronavirus Management Suggestions .pdf
Safe Stores Program .pdf
Employers Guide to Minimizing Influenza Risk .pdf
Small Business Pandemic Preparedness .pdf
Pandemic Planning .pdf
Coronavirus and the Workplace .pdf
Business Continuity .pdf
Preparing for Avian Flu .pdf
Influenza Pandemic Planning Guide .pdf
Business Insurance and the Coronavirus .pdf
Coronavirus and Force Majeure .pdf
Buinsess Continuity Planning Tool Kit .pdf
10 Top Supply Chain Risks .pdf
Continuity Planning Guide for Canadian Business .pdf
Business Continuity Guide For Australian Businesses .pdf
What You Should Know About Biological Warfare .avi
Biological Warfare and American Strategic Risk .pdf
Naval Concepts of Biological and Chemical Warfare .mp4
Biological Agents via the Mail .pdf
A Case Study in Bioterrorism Preparedness .pdf
Cattle Agroterrorism .pdf
Crop Biosecurity and Bioterrorism .pdf
State Agency Response to Biological Incidents .pdf
Ventilator Allocation Guidelines .pdf
Biological Warfare Improved Response Program .pdf
Defense Against Toxin Weapons .pdf
Elements of Effective Bioterrorism Preparedness .pdf
Case Study of a Response to a Biological Threat .pdf
Prayers for Times of Public Health Concerns .pdf
Suggestions for Managing Coronavirus Concerns .pdf
Treatment of Biological Warfare Agent Casualties .pdf
Mass Casualty Care for Biological Incidents .pdf
Medical Management of Biological Casualties .pdf
Funeral Worker Pandemic Planning .pdf
Interim Guidance for Religious and Funeral Services during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency .pdf

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