Emergency Preparedness
Disaster Mitigation

Climate Disasters


Fact Sheet - Extreme Heat .pdf
Are You Ready - Heat Wave .pdf
Heat Related Health Problems .pdf
Heat Stress in Dairy Cattle .pdf
Prevention of heat illness in mines .pdf
Stay Cool When the Power Is Out.pdf
Ways to Stay Cool.pdf


Drought Preparedness .pdf
Drought - Fact Sheet on Water Conservation .pdf
Rain Barrel Guide .pdf
Drought-Tolerant Landscapes for Alabama .pdf
Water Shortage Response Plan .pdf
Maintaining Livestock in Drought .pdf
Living With Drought .pdf


Dust Storm Hazards .pdf
Dust Storms .pdf
Dust Storms and Health .pdf
Effects of Dust on Computer Electronics and Mitigating Approaches .pdf
Ashfall Preparedness .pdf
Volcanic Ash and Piston Powered Aircraft .pdf
How To Protect Yourself from Breathing Volcanic Ash .pdf
The Health Hazards of Volcanic Ash .pdf


Dealing with Fog .pdf
Driving in the Fog FactSheet .pdf
Sailing in a Fog .pdf
Aircraft Icing .pdf


Solar Grand Minima Threat Analysis .pdf
Solar Grand Minima Preparedness Plan .pdf
Cold Related Health Problems .pdf
Alternative Heat Sources .pdf
Cold Weather Maintenance Operations .pdf
Winter Survival Handbook .pdf


Evaluating Ice Damage to Forest Stands .pdf
Fact Sheet - Frozen Pipes .pdf
Freezing and Bursting Pipes .pdf
Preventing and Thawing Frozen Pipes .pdf
Protect Your Home against Freezing Weather .pdf
Ice Dams .pdf
Ice and Snow Accumulations on Roofs .pdf
Making a Decision about Snow & Ice on Metal Roofs .pdf


Radiant Snowmelting .pdf
Snow Fence Guide .pdf
Gas Meter Snowshed .pdf
Avalanche Awareness .pdf
Caution - Avalanches .pdf
Structural Avalanche Defenses .pdf
The design of avalanche protection dams .pdf

 Weather Effects

Non-Precipitaion Hazards .pdf
Hazardous Weather Resource Guide .pdf
Whiteout Phenomenon .pdf
Weather Folk-Lore and Local Weather Signs .pdf
Weather as a Force Multiplier .pdf

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