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RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 add-ons

Scenarios Revisited

Courtesy of "dakinle"


(SC0) RCT2 Forest Frontiers .zip
(SC1) RCT2 Dynamite Dunes .zip
(SC2) RCT2 Leafy Lake .zip
(SC3) RCT2 Diamond Heights .zip
(SC4) RCT2 Evergreen Gardens .zip
(SC5) RCT2 Bumbly Beach .zip
(SC6) RCT2 Trinity Islands .zip
(SC7) RCT2 Katies World .zip
(SC8) RCT2 Dinky Park .zip
(SC9) RCT2 Aqua Park .zip
(SC10) RCT2 Millennium Mines .zip
(SC11) RCT2 Karts & Coasters .zip
(SC12) RCT2 Mels World .zip
(SC13) RCT2 Mothball Mountain .zip
(SC14) RCT2 Pacific Pyramids .zip
(SC15) RCT2 Crumbly Woods .zip
(SC16) RCT2 Big Pier .zip
(SC17) RCT2 Lightning Peaks .zip
(SC18) RCT2 Ivory Towers .zip
(SC19) RCT2 Rainbow Valley .zip
(SC20) RCT2 Thunder Rock .zip

Corkscrew Follies

(SC40) RCT2 Whispering Cliffs .zip
(SC41) RCT2 Three Monkeys Park .zip
(SC42) RCT2 Canary Mines .zip
(SC43) RCT2 Barony Bridge .zip
(SC44) RCT2 Funtopia .zip
(SC45) RCT2 Haunted Harbor .zip
(SC46) RCT2 Fun Fortress .zip
(SC47) RCT2 Future World .zip
(SC48) RCT2 Gentle Glen .zip
(SC49) RCT2 Jolly Jungle .zip
(SC50) RCT2 Hydro Hills .zip
(SC51) RCT2 Sprightly Park .zip
(SC52) RCT2 Magic Quarters .zip
(SC53) RCT2 Fruit Farm .zip
(SC54) RCT2 Butterfly Dam .zip
(SC55) RCT2 Coaster Canyon .zip
(SC56) RCT2 Thunderstorm Park .zip
(SC57) RCT2 Harmonic Hills .zip
(SC58) RCT2 Roman Village .zip
(SC59) RCT2 Swamp Cove .zip
(SC60) RCT2 Adrenaline Heights .zip
(SC61) RCT2 Utopia Park .zip
(SC62) RCT2 Rotting Heights .zip
(SC63) RCT2 Fiasco Forest .zip
(SC64) RCT2 Pickle Park .zip

Loopy Landscapes

(SC22) RCT2 Iceberg Islands .zip
(SC24) RCT2 Arid Heights .zip
(SC88) RCT2 Octagon Park .zip
(SC97) RCT2 Megaworld Park .zip


(Alton1) RCT2 Alton Towers .zip


(SC21) RCT2 Mega Park .zip

Courtesy of others

Corkscrew Follies

(SC66) RCT2 Mineral Park .zip
(SC67) RCT2 Coaster Crazy .zip
(SC68) RCT2 Urban Park .zip
(SC69) RCT2 Geoffrey Gardens .zip

Loopy Landscapes

(SC23) RCT2 Volcania .zip
(SC25) RCT2 Razor Rocks .zip
(SC26) RCT2 Crater Lake .zip
(SC27) RCT2 Vertigo Views .zip
(SC31) RCT2 Wacky Warren .zip
(SC80) RCT2 Grand Glacier .zip
(SC81) RCT2 Crazy Craters .zip
(SC83) RCT2 Woodworm Park .zip
(SC84) RCT2 Icarus Park .zip
(SC85) RCT2 Sunny Swamps .zip
(SC86) RCT2 Frightmare Hills .zip
(SC91) RCT2 Southern Sands .zip