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Construction Guides

RCT2 offers unique possiblites for detailed scenery construction. These parkmakers guides provide tips to get you started:

Here is a photo collection of unusual fan made scenery buildings that were posted to the Internet (for inspirational purposes only):

Inspirations .zip

New RCT2 ride design tools:

Track Design Manager vs. Roller Coaster Designer
A listing of ride Object Data files

RCT2 has expanded the rides and attractions available in the original RCT. Here are:

A listing of all 155 built in Vehicles and Attractions
~ A listing of just the new RCT2 attractions
~ A matchup of old RCT tracked rides to their new RCT2 names
~ A matchup of old RCT flat rides and stalls to their new RCT2 names

- Zip file containing *.bmp snapshots of the index photos/blurbs for all 78 Track Types built into RCT2:

Tracks .zip

- Zip file containing *.bmp snapshots of the index photos/blurbs of all 169 Pre-designed Tracks bundled with RCT2:

Designs .zip

Music is also handled slightly differently in RCT2:

A listing of DAT files that are actually WAV files
An explanation of how music works in RCT2 (*.rtf)

Here is a collection of observations posted to the Internet by fans, that attempt to uncover the internal changes made to RCT2:

Observations .zip

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Official Stragegy Guide:

RCT2_Official_Strategy_Guide .pdf