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The music of some of the Gentle Rides makes your Guests happy, which encourages them to spend money {s}. A ride playing music will be more popular {s}.

Much of the music for the game is stored in discreet files in the "Data" directory. (Copying and) renaming the music files extensions to ".WAV" will allow you to listen to them with any WAV-player program.

The 23 general music files are:
Css3.dat = Dodgems Beat Style (0:28 min.)
CSS18.DAT = Roman Fanfare Style (1:35 min.)
CSS19.DAT = Oriental Style (1:55 min.)
CSS20.DAT = Martian Style (2:19 min.)
CSS21.DAT = Jungle Drums Style (1:49 min.)
CSS22.DAT = Egyptian Style (1:54 min.)
CSS23.DAT = Toyland Style (2:05 min.)
CSS25.DAT = Space Style (2:52 min.)
CSS26.DAT = Horror Style (2:01 min.)
CSS27.DAT = Techno Style (1:58 min.)
CSS28.DAT = Gentle Style (2:28 min.)
CSS29.DAT = Summer Style (2:53 min.)
CSS30.DAT = Water Style (1:55 min.)
CSS31.DAT = Wild West Style (2:10 min.)
CSS32.DAT = Jurassic Style (2:13 min.)
CSS33.DAT = Rock Style (2:01 min.)
CSS34.DAT = Ragtime Style (2:39 min.)
CSS35.DAT = Fantasy Style (2:12 min.)
CSS36.DAT = Rock Style 2 (1:41 min.)
CSS37.DAT = Ice Style (2:20 min.)
CSS38.DAT = Snow Style (1:54 min.)
CSS39.DAT = Medieval Style (1:25 min.)
CSS40.DAT = Urban Style (1:59 min.)

The special Fairground Organ Style of music is actually a number of music files that are played randomly. The files are:
Css4.dat = (3:04 min.)
Css5.dat = (2:56 min.)
Css6.dat = (5:57 min.)
Css7.dat = (5:47 min.)
Css8.dat = (6:36 min.)
Css9.dat = (2:38 min.)
Css10.dat = unused
Css11.dat = (2:39 min.)
Css12.dat = unused
Css13.dat = (1:16 min.)
Css14.dat = (7:51 min.)
Css15.dat = (3:46 min.)
Css16.dat = unused

Two of the music files are "Crowd Sounds":
Css2.dat = "general guest sounds" (0:34 min.)
CSS24.DAT = "circus show sounds" (2:20 min.)

Residing on the CD is the "RCT Theme Music"
css17.dat = (1:28 min.)

The game also allows you to create two of your own music files called "Custom Music 1" and "Custom Music 2". These custom files must be in the format of a ".WAV file, PCM format, 22,050Hz, 8bit, Stereo", and to be accessible they must be placed in the "Data" directory before starting the game. The Custom Music 1 file must be named "CUSTOM1.WAV" and the Custom Music 2 file must be named "CUSTOM2.WAV".

Custom music files are also an excellent way to play one of your favorite "Fairground Organ" songs (e.g., copy one of the Fairground Organ Style dat files and rename it) on a ride other than the Merry-go-round.

The Steve Franks sound file replacements:

I am pleased to announce that I have received express permission from Steve Franks to post his sound file replacements.

The following music selections were digitized in PCM format, at 22,050 Hz, 8 bit, mono, and have a slightly compressed quality to the tone. Recording in 8 bit reduced the file sizes by half and was a worthy compromise. While the original RollerCoaster Tycoon dat files were recorded in 16 bit, the overall tone quality of the new DATs are, all things considered, superior.

Carousel Music replacements:

downloadcss4.dat = Alexander's Ragtime Band / Beside a Babbling Brook

downloadcss5.dat = You Gotta See Mama Every Night or You Can't See Mama at All / Old Reliable March

downloadcss6.dat = Missouri Waltz / Beer Barrel Polka

downloadcss7.dat = Yes,We Have No Bananas / Dinah

downloadcss8.dat = Barney Google / Boston Commandery March

downloadcss9.dat = When My Sugar Walks Down the Street / Oh, Katherina

downloadcss11.dat = Triumphant Banner March

downloadcss13.dat = Sleepy Time Gal

downloadcss14.dat = Doo Wacka Doo / King of the Air March

downloadcss15.dat = Padolin Madelin Home / Always

downloadMonorail sounds = A replacement for the empty Carousel Music file "Css10.dat", which simulates a P.A. announcement that might be overheard floating through the park during a moment when the Fairground Organ is pausing between songs ("Please stay clear of the Doors", "No smoking please", and "Please hold on to the hand rails").

Other Music replacements:

downloadBumper Car music. An alternative for the "Dodgems Beat Style" music.

downloadUpbeat jungle music. An alternative for the "Jungle Drums Style" music.