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The Steve Franks collections

I am thrilled to announce that I have received express permission from Steve Franks to post his "Real World Track Packs".

Gamer Steve Franks has carefully and meticulously recreated many real world rides for Loopy Landscapes. Each of these "Real World Track Packs" represents hours of research for photographs & videos, checking specifications, thoughtful study, and then careful recreation with constant tweaking until each ride is as perfect as RCT will allow (please always read the Track Packs included documentation). For even greater realism, be sure to incorporate his specially designed service and station facilities when you place the ride (carefully examine his included preview images).

Please note that when RCT2 became available, Steve Franks updated many of his RCT1 Track Packs to include RCT2 equivalents of his RCT1 rides. Unfortunately, in doing so he also removed many of the image files that showed the design and placement of ride support structures (because at the time, dial-up Internet was still common, and it was considered good practice to keep downloadable files small). As you can not save Scenery with RCT1 tracks as you can with RCT2 tracks, the removal of these image files turned out to be a severe loss to Loopy Landscape players.

I have been allowed to rectify the problem, through customizing these Track Packs so that they again include the missing image files from older versions of Steve's Track Packs (look for a folder called "Old"). Please note that since the focus here is on Loopy Landscapes, these customized Track Packs do not include any RCT2 Track or WorkBench files (although I have kept all the photos of the RCT2 tracks, as they provide inspiration for super-detailing your support structures). If you desire the newest Track Packs which contain all the RCT2 files, they can be downloaded from the downloadRollerCoaster Tycoon 2 add-ons webpage.

downloadAeroplane Coaster @ Playland - (Aeroplane Coaster @ Playland)

downloadAlpengeist @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg - (Alpengeist @ BG Williamsburg) [Alpengeist Workbench]

downloadApollo's Chariot @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg - (Apollo's Chariot @ Williamsburg) [Apollo's Chariot V5 bench]

downloadAuto Race @ Kennywood - (Auto Race @ Kennywood)

downloadAvalanche @ Pleasure Beach - (Avalanche @ Kings Dominion, Avalanche @ Pleasure Beach, Avalanche Run @ Cedar Pt, Schweizer Bobbahn @ Europa Pk)

downloadBatflyer @ Lightwater Valley - (Batflyer @ Lightwater Valley, Scooby's Ghoster @ PKI, Sky Rider @ Skyline Park, Vleermuis @ Plopsaland Lt / Vleermuis @ Plopsaland Rt)

downloadBatwing @ Six Flags America - (Batwing @ 6 Flags America)

downloadBig Bad Wolf @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg - (Big Bad Wolf @ Williamsburg) [Big Bad Wolf - Drachen]

downloadBig Dipper @ Springlake Park - (Big Dipper @ Springlake Pk, Little Dipper @ Springlake Pk) [Springlake Workbench]

downloadBobsled @ Coney Island - (Bobsled @ Coney Island)

downloadBuzzsaw Falls @ Silver Dollar City - (Buzzsaw Falls @ Silver Dollar) [Buzzsaw Falls bench]

downloadCannonball @ Lake Winnepesaukah - (Cannonball @ Lk Winnepesaukah, Wild Thing @ Lk Winnepesaukah) [Winnie Cannonball bench]

downloadCoaster Thrill Ride @ Puyallup Fair - (Coaster Thrill Ride @ Puyallup, Monster Mouse @ Puyallup Fair) [Coaster Thrill Ride @ Puyallup Fair]

downloadComet @ Crystal Beach - (Comet @ Crystal Beach, Giant Coaster @ Crystal Beach, Wild Mouse @ Crystal Beach)

downloadCyclone @ Coney Island - (Cyclone @ Coney Island)

downloadCyclone @ Crystal Beach - (Cyclone @ Crystal Beach)

downloadCyclone @ Puritas Springs - (Cyclone @ Puritas Springs) [Cyclone @ Puritas Springs]

downloadCyclone @ Williams Grove - (Cyclone @ Williams Grove)

downloadCyclone Coaster @ Philadelphia Sesquicentennial Exposition - (Cyclone @ Sesquicentennial)

downloadCyclone Racer @ Long Beach - (Cyclone Racer @ Long Beach1c / Cyclone Racer @ Long Beach2c)

downloadDongo's Race @ Plopsaland - (Dongo's Race @ Plopsaland, Rollerskater @ Plopsaland) [Plopsaland bench]

downloadDrachen Fire @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg - (Drachen Fire @ Williamsburg, Wilde Maus @ Williamsburg)

downloadFlyer @ Canadian National Exhibition Park - (Flyer @ CNE Toronto)

downloadFlying Turns @ Euclid Beach - (Flying Turns @ Euclid Beach, Flying Turns @ Forest Park, Flying Turns @ Rocky Point)

downloadGiant Dipper @ Belmont Park - (Giant Dipper @ Belmont Park) [Belmont Dipper]

downloadGiant Dipper @ Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk - (Giant Dipper @ Santa Cruz)

downloadGrand National @ Pleasure Beach - (Grand National @ Pleasure Bch) [Grand National Workbench]

downloadGreezed Lightnin' @ Astroworld - (Greezed Lightnin' @ Astroworld) [Greezed Lightnin' bench]

downloadGreyhound @ Island Beach - (Grey Hound @ Island Beach)

downloadHigh Boy @ Ocean Park - (Chute the Chutes @ Ocean Pk, Giant Dipper @ Ocean Pk, High Boy @ Ocean Pk)

downloadHurricane @ Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk - (Firestorm @ Branson, Hurricane @ Santa Cruz)

downloadIcarus Comet Coaster - (Icarus Comet)

downloadIron Wolf @ Great America - (Iron Wolf @ Great America)

downloadJack Rabbit @ Idora Park - (Jack Rabbit @ Idora Park)

downloadJazz Railway @ Rocky Glen Park - (Jazz Railway @ Rocky Glen Pk)

downloadKing Cobra @ Kings Island - (King Cobra @ PKI)

downloadLake Placid Bobs @ Palisades - (Lake Placid Bobs @ Palisades)

downloadLeap-The-Dips @ Lakemont Park - (Leap-the-Dips @ Lakemont)

downloadLog Jammer @ Kennywood - (Log Jammer @ Kennywood)

downloadLogger's Revenge @ Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk - (Canyon Falls @ Wonderland Pier, Fab Compact Flume, FabbriGroup Compact Flume, Log Flume @ Bob-Lo Island, Log Flume '81 @ Drayton Manor, Log Flume '88 @ Drayton Manor, Logger's Revenge @ Santa Cruz, Samson's Castle @ Plopsaland) [Flume Rides Bench]

downloadMad Mouse @ Lakemont Park - (Mad Mouse @ Lakemont Pk)

downloadMagic Mouse @ Rotunda Park - (Dizzy Mouse @ Wiener Prater, Magic Mouse @ Rotunda Pk UK)

downloadMagnum XL-200 @ Cedar Point - (Magnum XL-200 @ Cedar Pt)

downloadMantis @ Cedar Point - (Mantis @ Cedar Point)

downloadMega Zeph @ Six Flags New Orleans - (Mega Zeph @ 6Flgs New Orleans)

downloadNinja @ Magic Mountain - (Ninja @ 6 Flgs MM) [Ninja Workbench]

downloadOver the Top! @ Pickering Pier - (Over the Top! @ Pickering Pr)

downloadRace Thru the Clouds @ Venice - (Race Thru the Clouds 1911A / Race Thru the Clouds 1911B) [Race Thru the Clouds]

downloadRaging Wolf Bobs @ Geauga Lake - (Raging Wolf Bobs @ Geauga Lk)

downloadRaptor @ Cedar Point - (Raptor @ Cedar Point)

downloadRolly Coaster @ Millbrook Park - (Rolly Coaster @ Millbrook Pk) [Millbrook Park 1901]

downloadSea Dragon @ Wyandot Lake - (Sea Dragon @ Wyandot Lake) [Sea Dragon bench]

downloadSea Serpent @ Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk - (Interpark Maxi-Tropical, Interpark Mini-Tropical, Interpark Traditional, Sea Serpent @ Santa Cruz, Tivoli Force 1, Tivoli Force 2, Tivoli Medium Coaster, Tivoli Spinner, Zamperla Bullwinkle)

downloadShivering Timbers @ Michigan's Adventure - (Mad Mouse @ Michigan Adventure, Shivering Timbers @ Mich Adv)

downloadShockwave @ Great America - (Shockwave @ Great America)

downloadShooting Star @ Lakeside Park - (Shooting Star @ Lakeside Pk) [Shooting Star Lakeside]

downloadSilver Bullet @ Frontier City - (Silver Bullet @ Frontier City) [Bullet Workbench]

downloadSkyliner @ Lakemont Park - (Skyliner @ Lakemont Pk)

downloadSky Princess @ Dutch Wonderland - (Joust @ Dutch Wonderland, Sky Princess @ Dutch Wonderland) [Sky Princess bench]

downloadStealth @ Great America - (Borg Assimilator @ Carowinds, Stealth @ Great America)

downloadSteel Dragon @ Nagashima Spaland - (Steel Dragon 2000) [Steel Dragon 2000 bench]

downloadSteeplechase @ Coney Island - (Steeplechase 1 @ Coney Island / Steeplechase 2 @ Coney Island / Steeplechase 3 @ Coney Island / Steeplechase 4 @ Coney Island)

downloadSteeplechase @ Pleasure Beach - (Steeplechase @ PB 1 / Steeplechase @ PB 2 / Steeplechase @ PB 3) [PB Steeplechase Workbench]

downloadTalon @ Dorney Park - (Talon @ Dorney Park)

downloadTeddy Bear @ Kennywood - (Teddy Bear @ Kennywood)

downloadThe Bullet @ Flamingo Land - (Bullet @ Flamingo Land)

downloadThe Dips @ West View Park - (Dips 1928 @ West View Pk) [West View Park bench]

downloadThe Reel @ Pleasure Beach - (Reel @ Pleasure Beach)

downloadTHE ZIP! @ Oaks Park - (THE ZIP! @ Oaks Park)

downloadThunderbolt @ Coney Island - (Thunderbolt @ Coney Island)

downloadTickler @ Coney Island - (Tickler @ Coney Island, Tickler @ Kennywood)

downloadTOP GUN @ Great America - (TOP GUN @ Great America)

downloadTOP GUN @ Kings Island - (TOP GUN @ Kings Island Ohio)

downloadTornado @ Coney Island - (Tornado @ Coney Island)

downloadUltra Twister @ AstroWorld - (Ultra Twister @ AstroWorld) [Ultra Twister Workbench]

downloadViper @ Magic Mountain - (Viper @ Magic Mountain)

downloadVirginia Reel @ Kinney Pier - (Scoota Boat @ Coney Island, Virginia Reel @ Kinney Pier)

downloadVonkaputous @ Linnanmaki Park - (Vonkaputous @ Linnanmaki) [Vonkaputous bench]

downloadVortex @ Carowinds - (Vortex @ Carowinds)

downloadVortex @ Kings Island - (Vortex @ Kings Island)

downloadWhippet Coaster - (Whippet by Harry Baker Inc)

downloadWhirlwind Dipper @ Santa Monica - (Blue Streak Racer @ S M Pier, Spinning Tubs @ Santa Monica, Whirlwind Dipper @ Santa Monica)

downloadWild Mouse @ Gibraltar - (Wild Mouse @ Gibraltar)

downloadWild Mouse @ Pleasure Beach - (Wild Mouse @ Pleasure Beach)

- - - - - - - - - -

Steve Franks has also offered two fantasy track packs:

downloadA replacement for the "Crazy Volle" that comes with the game (plus nine additional imaginary tracks)

downloadA Station Flyer Tribute Coaster (originally designed for the "Station Park" fan-website fantasy park)

The game designer collections

The RCT game designers once offered bonus tracks on their personal websites.

Chris Sawyer offered six track packs of fantasy roller coasters:

downloadBeastly Collection = Bumble Bee, Ferret, Glow-Worm, Hedgehog, Jellyfish, Panther, Polar Bear, Rat Race, Rattlesnake, Stingray.

downloadCat Collection = Cataclysm, Catacomb, Cataplexy, Catastrophe, Catatonia, Caterpillar.

downloadGem Collection = amber, amethyst, diamond, emerald, jasper, melanite, ruby, sapphire.

downloadOriginal Collection = Brooke, Ingrid, Karen, Kathryn, Katie, Kellie, Liz, Louise, Margaret, Melanie, Sarah, Shona, Tamsen, Victoria.

downloadPhobias Collection = Clithrophobia, Kenophobia, Maniaphobia, Nyctophobia, Pathophobia, Pterophobia, Tacophobia.

downloadWoodies Collection = ash, driftwood, embers, matchstick, sawdust, splinter, tinder, touchwood, woodwind, woodworm.

- - - - - - - - - -

Roller coaster designer John Wardley offered a track pack based on his own never built real world roller coasters:

downloadWardley Collection = alton beast woodie, alton ugland woodie, chessington racer, thorpe launcher, thorpe multi-looper, thorpe woodie.

The Alton Beast Woodie was designed to fit on the site of the old Beast ride next to Nemesis and the Ripsaw, at Alton Towers, UK.
The Alton Ugland Woodie was designed to fit in the wooded quarry area at the back of "Ugland", behind the Corkscrew at Alton Towers, UK.
The Chessington Racer was a twin-track small family steel racing coaster located on the site which was originally "Circus World" (now "Beanoland"), at Chessington World of Adventures, UK.
The Thorpe Launcher was a large steel LIM-launched coaster, desgined for the site between X-No Way Out and the lake, at Thorpe Park, UK.
The Thorpe Multi-looper was a gravity ride, desgined for the site between X-No Way Out and the lake, at Thorpe Park, UK.
The Thorpe Woodie was designed to circumnavigate the Loggers' Leap logflume ride in "Canada Creek", at Thorpe Park, UK.

Extracted Tracks

Many of the tracks Chris Sawyer created for the games scenarios can be built on flat ground. I have extracted all these tracks from the games scenarios. Note that I had to truncate some of the names so they would fit in the alloted space in the rides pick list, so refer to the actual scenario for the full name. As I have not included picture files, again please refer to the actual scenario for track plan overview and entrance/exit placement.

downloadFrom the Original scenarios. Note that for Agoraphobia to properly line up with its companion, you must first raise at least one square of station track land by a height of 7 before placing the ride.

downloadFrom the Corkscrew Follies scenarios. Note that for Hear No Evil and See No Evil to properly line up with their companion, you must first raise at least one square of station track land under each by a height of 5 before placing the rides.

downloadFrom the Loopy Landscapes scenarios.

downloadFrom the "Real" Parks scenarios.

downloadFrom the Extra scenarios.


Just for fun I tried to create the absolute smallest functional tracks possible. Because of their very low cost and extremely tiny footprint, they can be useful in your scenarios (although I would suggest that they be expanded once placed). Since I also strove to maximize Excitement, the rides in these track packs give a good reference for the bottom limit of each ride types E-I-N specifications.

downloadMicro Transport Rides - [Chairlift, Miniature Railroad, Monorail, Suspended Monorail]

downloadMicro Gentle Rides - [Car Ride, Cycle Monorail, Cycle Railway, Ghost Train, Hedge Maze, Miniature Golf, Observation Tower]

downloadMicro Thrill Rides - [Go Karts, Roto-Drop, Whoa Belly]

TD4 file "hacks"

Normaly I frown upon "hacks". However there are certain legitimate uses, such as when attempting to create reproductions of Real Rides when there is a lack of appropriate game settings. This [NOT TESTED] downloadTD4 Changer utility will swap vehicle type on any ride (*.td4 file). The ride type can also be changed, depending on the track elements. Please use this utility only if absolutely necessary!