Application Software
Windows Win2k Family

Disk Utils

CD Drive emulator

MagicDisc (ver 2.7.105) - Abandoned Freeware

About .txt
setup_magicdisc105 .zip

Floppy Drive emulator

Virtual Floppy Drive (ver 2.1.2008.0206) - Abandoned Freeware

About .txt
vfd .zip

Delete Locked File

DelLater (ver 1.1) - Abandoned Freeware

About .txt
dellater .zip


Glary Undelete (ver - Freeware = (Last Win2k version)

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gunsetup .zip

SendTo Menu editing tool

SendTo Menu Editor (ver 1.1) - Freeware

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SendToEditor .zip

Disk content visualization tool

SpaceSniffer (ver - Freeware

About .txt
spacesniffer_1_3_0_2 .zip
SpaceSniffer tips and tricks .pdf

A direct replacement for the Windows "Disk Defragmenter" applet.

MyDefrag (ver 4.3.1) - Abandoned Freeware

About .txt
MyDefrag-v431 .zip

Paging Files and Registry Hives Defragmentor

PageDefrag (ver 2.32) - Abandoned Freeware

About .txt
PageDefrag .zip

All downloads appearing in this Windows Win2k Family archive are FREE.