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Popular Radio

Popular Radio was a monthly semi-technical science magazine focused on DIY radio, which ran from 1922 to 1928. In 1925 it absorbed its competitor magazine, The Wireless Age, and for the last two issues, renamed itself Popular Radio and television. Collected here is the COMPLETE set of every issue.

all_1922 .pdf
PR_Jan_1923 .pdf PR_Feb_1923 .pdf PR_Mar_1923 .pdf PR_Apr_1923 .pdf
PR_May_1923 .pdf PR_Jun_1923 .pdf PR_Jul_1923 .pdf PR_Aug_1923 .pdf
PR_Sep_1923 .pdf PR_Oct_1923 .pdf PR_Nov_1923 .pdf PR_Dec_1923 .pdf
PR_Jan_1924 .pdf PR_Feb_1924 .pdf PR_Mar_1924 .pdf PR_Apr_1924 .pdf
PR_May_1924 .pdf PR_Jun_1924 .pdf PR_Jul_1924 .pdf PR_Aug_1924 .pdf
PR_Sep_1924 .pdf PR_Oct_1924 .pdf PR_Nov_1924 .pdf PR_Dec_1924 .pdf
PR_Jan_1925 .pdf PR_Feb_1925 .pdf PR_Mar_1925 .pdf PR_Apr_1925 .pdf
PR_May_1925 .pdf PR_Jun_1925 .pdf PR_Jul_1925 .pdf PR_Aug_1925 .pdf
PR_Sep_1925 .pdf PR_Oct_1925 .pdf PR_Nov_1925 .pdf PR_Dec_1925 .pdf
PR_Jan_1926 .pdf PR_Feb_1926 .pdf PR_Mar_1926 .pdf PR_Apr_1926 .pdf
PR_May_1926 .pdf PR_Jun_1926 .pdf PR_Jul_1926 .pdf PR_Aug_1926 .pdf
PR_Sep_1926 .pdf PR_Oct_1926 .pdf PR_Nov_1926 .pdf PR_Dec_1926 .pdf
PR_Jan_1927 .pdf PR_Feb_1927 .pdf PR_Mar_1927 .pdf PR_Apr_1927 .pdf
PR_May_1927 .pdf PR_Jun_1927 .pdf PR_Jul-Aug_1927 .pdf PR_Sep_1927 .pdf
PR_Oct_1927 .pdf PR_Nov_1927 .pdf PR_Dec_1927 .pdf
PR_Jan_1928 .pdf PR_Feb_1928 .pdf PR_Mar_1928 .pdf PR_Apr_1928 .pdf
PR_May_1928 .pdf