Pioneering Wireless

Citizen's Radio Call Book

Citizen's Radio Call Book was published seasonally from 1921 thru 1932. The focus was to aid DX listeners by listing the locations of broadcasting stations (including stations simulcasting over telephone analog technology similar to digital Webcasting), but from 1923 onward the issues also contained technical articles. Collected here is the COMPLETE set of every issue from 1923 through 1929.

CRCB_1923-Spring .pdf CRCB_1923-Fall .pdf
CRCB_1924-Spring .pdf CRCB_1924-Fall .pdf
CRCB_1925-Spring .pdf CRCB_1925-Fall .pdf
CRCB_1926-Spring .pdf CRCB_1926-Fall .pdf CRCB_1926-Winter .pdf
CRCB_1927-Spring .pdf CRCB_1927-Fall .pdf CRCB_1927-Winter .pdf
CRCB_1928-Spring .pdf CRCB_1928-Summer .pdf CRCB_1928-Fall .pdf CRCB_1928-Winter .pdf
CRCB_1929-Spring .pdf CRCB_1929-Summer .pdf CRCB_1929-Fall .pdf CRCB_1929-Winter .pdf