Pioneering Wireless

The Aerovox Research Worker

The Aerovox Research Worker was a monthly technical pamphlet printed by the Aerovox (formerly: Radiola) Corporation, that began in December 1927, and lasted until the late 1960's. Collected here is the COMPLETE set of every issue, from its beginning, through the year 1929.

ARW_Dec_1927 .pdf
ARW_Jan_1928 .pdf ARW_Feb_1928 .pdf ARW_Apr_1928 .pdf ARW_May_1928 .pdf
ARW_Jun_1928 .pdf ARW_Jul_1928 .pdf ARW_Aug_1928 .pdf ARW_Sep_1928 .pdf
ARW_Oct_1928 .pdf ARW_Nov_1928 .pdf ARW_Dec_1928 .pdf
ARW_Jan_1929 .pdf ARW_Feb_1929 .pdf ARW_Mar_1929 .pdf ARW_Apr_1929 .pdf
ARW_May_1929 .pdf ARW_Jun_1929 .pdf ARW_jul-aug_1929 .pdf ARW_sep-oct_1929 .pdf
ARW_Nov_1929 .pdf ARW_Dec_1929 .pdf