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The Computing and Communications Services Office nameserver protocol (CCSO) is a query protocol, that responds by returning a "Whitepages-like" directory entry. CCSO is very similar to X.500 DAP (or also LDAP), in that a static directory entry can be created for any entity. Strangely, the servers are termed QI and the clients are termed PH. Even stranger, most people refer to the entire protocol as PH, rather than CCSO or even CSO. Global QI servers attempt to be global lookup directories, often aggregating data from multiple local databases in with their own. Local QI servers focus their database on just one organization, such as a University or large business. Below are addresses for various free publicly open CCSO servers. Just copy & paste the full address into your CCSO PH client.
[IANA Port assignment = 105]

Addresses last verified February 1999 - (more recent addresses might be found at "")