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Social Board Game Club (*.pdf)
Family Game Table Rules (*.rtf)

Fun with various Playing Card Systems (Chinese Mah-Jongg deck, French Standard deck, Italian Tarock deck, etc.)

Abridged Mah Jongg Rules (*.pdf)
Bid Grid for Contract Bridge Novices (*.pdf)
Games with Tarot Cards - [see page 12] (*.pdf book)
Whist (*.pdf)
- Cartomancy
Useful Cartomancy Decks = [suggested public decks]
Tarot Card Divinatory Meanings = [a fully illustrated guide]

Paper & Pencil Roleplay Gaming Tools

Event Resolution Guide (*.doc)
Attack Table Sliderule (*.xls)
Saving-Throw Tables (*.xls)
Subordination Tables (*.xls)
Character Attribute Tables (*.xls)
Movement Guide (*.doc)
A Monster Description Template (*.xls)

Rulebooks from several superior Board-style Games - (portable document files)

For successful game play, it is recommended that all players familiarize themselves with the game rules beforehand.
Bear in mind though that the host always has final authority on how a game is to be played (but the host is also obligated to reveal any variations before the game commences).

13 Days ~ [ History ]
Airlines Europe *attractive to players of: Acquire
Animals on Board *attractive to players of: Rummy
Barbarossa *attractive to players of: Dominion
Battle Line *attractive to players of: Poker
Battle Sheep *attractive to players of: Go
Battleship retro edition
Bowling Solitaire ~ [ Log ]
Connect Four game on! edition
Conquest of Paradise deluxe second edition ~ [ Aid | History ]
Dingo's_Dreams *attractive to players of: Bingo
Displacement Chess: Peripheral Bishops ~ [ Basics ]
Double Double Dominoes
Elevenses for One
Equate *attractive to players of: Scrabble
Final Act
Great War at Sea: Pacific Crossroads ~ [ Basics | Weather | Fleet | Log | Data ]
Hive ~ [ Expansion ]
Homestretch ~ [ Improvements ]
Indycar Unplugged ~ [ Improvements ]
Jump Drive ~ [ Aid ]
Jumpin *attractive to players of: Chinese Checkers
Kemet ~ [ Aid | Expansion | ExpansionAid ] *attractive to players of: Risk
Latice deluxe edition
Ligretto Dice *attractive to players of: Dutch Blitz
Lost Cities
Luchador! second edition *attractive to players of: Yahtzee
Manoeuvre ~ [ Aid ]
Master Mind
Memory spidersense spider-man edition
Mille Bornes classic edition ~ [ Aid ]
Nuclear War ~ [ Spinner | Placemat | People ]
Odin's Ravens second edition *attractive to players of: Backgammon
Pandemic: Iberia ~ [ Aid ]
Payday retro edition ~ [ Chart ]
Police Precinct second edition ~ [ Aid ]
Qin *attractive to players of: Carcassonne
Raptor ~ [ Aid ]
Ratrace *attractive to players of: The Game of Life
Santorini {also covers the Expansion rules}
Snow Tails
Sorry!: Star Wars *attractive to players of: Pachisi
Star Trek Panic ~ [ Aid ]
Stellar Conflict
Stone Age ~ [ Aid ]
Survive 30th anniversary edition ~ [ Expansion ]
Swinging Jivecat Voodoo Lounge
The Hunger Games: Training Days ~ [ Aid | Improvements ] *attractive to players of: Monopoly
The Rose King
Thunder & Lightning *attractive to players of: Stratego
Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries
TriBond diamond edition *attractive to players of: Trivial Pursuit
Tzaar *attractive to players of: Checkers
Uno classic edition *attractive to players of: Crazy Eights
Why First?
Word on the Street
Yinsh *attractive to players of: Othello
Zombies!!! directors cut edition