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Operating System Specific

We have briefly tested the "GopherS" Windows 2000 server, but due to a lack of access to platforms running other operating systems, we have been unable to test any of the other servers. We believe these other servers to be wholly intact and functional, but we cannot make any guarantees. We therefore request that others assist us by installing and testing these other servers, and then sending feedback to the JumpJet webmaster.


AGopherexx (ver 0.3) - Freeware

About .txt
gopherexx .zip

GoFish (ver 0.27) - Freeware

About .txt
gofish_0-27 .lha


Rice CMS Gopher Server (ver 2.4.2) - Freeware

About .txt
GOPHER24 .tar

VieGOPHER Server (ver ?) - Freeware

About .txt
viegophr .tar

DOS 3x [v3.3, v4, v5, v6, etc.]

GS for DOS WATTCP (ver 1.1) - Freeware

About .txt

KA9Q NOS (ver 1.92) - Freeware

About .txt

PC Gopher Server (ver ?) - Freeware

About .txt
gophserv .zip
gophdoc .zip

MacOS 7x [system 7.5.1 - system 10.4.11]

GopherSurfer (ver 1.1b3r2) - Freeware

About .txt
GopherSurfer_1-1b3r2 .sea .hqx

MacServer (ver 1.0.1) - Freeware

About .txt
macserver .hqx


MVS Gopher Server (ver 3r1) - Freeware

About .txt
README_v3r1 .txt
changes_v3r1 .txt

Plan 9

GopherD for Plan 9 (ver ?) - Freeware

About .txt
GopherD_P9 .tgz


VMS Gopher Server (ver 1.2VMS-1) - Freeware

About .txt
gopher1-2vms1 .zip

Warp [OS/2 v3, OS/2 v4, eComStation, etc.]

GoServe (ver 1.20) - Abandonware

About .txt
goserv .zip
Review .txt

Windows 3x [v3.0, v3.1, etc.]

GO4HAM (ver 1.06beta) - Freeware

About .txt
GO4HAM .zip
GO4HAM .txt

GopherD (ver 0.53) - Freeware

About .txt
wsgd_0-53 .lzh

Windows 9x [Win95, Win98, Me, etc.]

Motsognir (ver 0.99) - Freeware

About .txt
motsognir_0-99_win32 .zip

Windows 2000 [NT v4, Win2k, etc.]

GopherD (ver 3.6) - Abandonware

About .txt
nfsntx86 .zip

GopherS (ver 0.92) - Abandoned Freeware

About .txt
GopherS .txt
Review .txt

Gophserv (ver 0.4) - Freeware

About .txt
gophserv .zip
srvany_inetd .zip

+Unix-based+ [various flavors]

Geomyidae (ver 0.26.3) - Freeware

About .txt
geomyidae_0-26-3 .tar .gz

GoFish (ver 1.2) - Freeware

About .txt
gofish_1-2 .tar.gz

GopherD (ver 3.0.5) - Freeware

About .txt
gopher_3-0-5 .tar .gz
*UMN GopherD (ver 2.3.1) - Freeware
About .txt
gopher_2-3-1 .tar .gz
Review .txt

GopherD_BSD (ver ?) - Freeware

About .txt
GopherD_BSD .gz

Gophernicus (ver 1.4) - Freeware

About .txt
gophernicus_1-4 .tar .gz
readme .txt
Sample gophermap for Gohernicus .txt

Gophrier (ver 0.2.3) - Freeware

About .txt
gophrier_0-2-3 .tar .gz

Goscher (ver 0.4.3-ta6le) - Freeware

About .txt
goscher_0-4-3-ta6le .tar .gz
readme .txt

mgod (ver 1.0) - Freeware

About .txt
mgod_1-0 .tar .gz

Motsognir (ver 1.0.3) - Freeware

About .txt
motsognir_1-0-3 .tar .gz

sgopherd (ver October 2012) - Freeware

About .txt
sgopherd_current .tar .gz
readme .rtf

shrewd (ver 0.1a) - Freeware

About .txt
shrewd_0-1a .tar .gz