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These Gopher articles are presented in a historically meaningful order:


Usenet Gopher Announcement .txt
On the Trail of the Internet Gopher .txt
Gopher spiel .txt
The Internet Gopher .txt
Lets Gopher it .txt
IUBio Gopher hole .txt
Summer Go-pher-it Workshops .txt
Tailoring Gopher Services for Individual Users .pdf
APS Server Anniversary .pdf
A Rolling Gopher Gathers No Moss .pdf
Services Available on The Internet .rtf
Using Gopher on the Internet .pdf
A Preliminary Design for a 3-D Spatial User Interface for Internet Gopher .txt
Announcing GopherVR .txt
GopherVR now available .txt
Announcing TurboGopher .txt
Evolution of Internet Gopher .pdf
Internet Diving .txt
Gopher Jewels Design Change .txt


The WELL Gopher .txt
Gopher Jewels Tour .txt
Who Killed Gopher .txt
Gopher Jewels Closing .txt
SEC Gopher discontinued .txt
Mother Gopher Obituary .txt
TCP-IP Guide .txt
Where Have all the Gophers Gone .txt
Interview with Paul Lindner .txt
Bob Alberti .txt
About Gopher .txt
Gopher Manifesto .txt
Gopher Underground .txt
Gopher still going .txt
Down the Gopher Hole .rtf
The death of WELLgopher .txt
JumpJet Gopher terminated .txt
How Gopher nearly trumped the web .txt
Gopher tunnels on .pdf
Fun Sites from the Early Internet .txt
Long Live Gopher .txt
Why is Gopher Still Relevant .txt

A video interview with two of the original developers of Gopher

About .txt
mpm_gopher .zip

Gopher Jewels Recommence 2005

About .txt
Gopher_Jewels .zip

A snapshot of Gopherspace circa 2007 is available as a torrent download.