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Gopher Protocol

Client Software

(Gopher Server Addresses)

Here are several Gopher clients that you can use to surf Gopherspace. We have attempted to include only the most recently released versions of each client, and the collection represents nearly every known Gopher client available to the public. There are clients here for several different computer platforms, as well as several alternative clients for the same computer platforms.

Other ways to access Gopher

GopherMail servers can deliver requested Gopher Pages to your email inbox. Multi-protocol AccMail servers can deliver both requested Gopher and HTTP Pages to your email inbox.
Caution: Binary downloads are not supported through this access method.
Gopher servers can be reached via TelNet through the Public Lynx Browser hosted by ScramWorks.
A HTTP to Gopher Proxy (through which downloading of binary files is advocated) is available at: Gaufre.
Alternative HTTP to Gopher Proxies are available through,,, and Gopher Proxy.
Caution: Not all Proxies will allow access to Servers operating on unusual Ports (Error Code 403).
~ Burrow is a Chrome-based Browser Extension that conveniently points directly to the Floodgap Public Gopher Proxy.

Note that a few newer, and many older HTTP Browsers, natively support the Gopher protocol (use gopher:// instead of http:// in the address bar).