Offbeat Internet
Gopher Protocol
Client Software

Extenders for other programs

Filesystem in Userspace

gopherfs (ver 0.7) - Freeware

About .txt
gopherfs_0-7 .tgz

GNU Emacs

Elpher (ver 20190816.1414) - Freeware

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elpher_20190816-1414 .tar

Browser Extenders

Limits in using a Browser to access Gopherspace .txt

Google Chrome [ver 5.x - 23.x]

Overbite Chrome (ver 1.0.4) - Freeware

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overbite_chrome .zip

KDE Konqueror

Gopher kioslave (ver 20040214) - Freeware snap

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kio_gopher_20040214 .tar .bz2

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6

Gopher Enabler (ver ?) - Freeware snap

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iegopher .zip

Mozilla Firefox [ver 3.6 - 16.x], SeaMonkey [ver 2.x] and TenFourFox [ver 4.x]

OverbiteFF (ver 3.0.1627) - Freeware snap

About .txt
overbiteff .zip
manuals .zip
*OverbiteFF for Firefox 3 (ver 2.1.1557) - Freeware snap
About .txt
overbite_ff3 .zip
manuals .zip
*OverbiteFF for Firefox 2 (ver 1.1.1424) - Freeware
About .txt
overbite_ff2 .zip

Smartphone Extenders

- Aside: There is a commercial extender called iGopher available for the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Android phones [ver 1.5 - 4.1]

Overbite Android (ver 0.2) - Freeware snap

About .txt
OverbiteAndroid02 .apk
Review .txt

Nokia-type phones

Pocket Gopher (ver 2010-12-09) - Freeware snap

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PocketGopher .jar
PocketGopher .jad
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