Emergency Preparedness
Neighborly Response
Personal Involvement

First Aid

 Initial Treatment Supplies

Universal Antidote .txt
Trauma Kit .doc
Electrolyte and Fluid Replacement .txt
Emergency Dental Kit for Travelers .pdf
Potassium Iodide Information Sheet .pdf

 Critical Treatments

EMS Prehospital Disaster Protocols .pdf
BLS-ILS-ALS Protocols .pdf
Combat Lifesaver Course .pdf
Management of Patients with Respiratory Dysfunction .pdf
Tactical Combat Casualty Care .pdf
Eye, Ear, and Nose Injuries .pdf
Wound Care .pdf

 Rapid Treatments

Taking Vital Signs .pdf
Basic First Aid .pdf
Adult First Aid .pdf
CPR .pdf
CardioPulmonary Resuscitation .pdf
Automated External Defibrillator .pdf
Celox Gauze User Training .pdf
First Aid for Poisoning .pdf
Overdose Prevention and Response .pdf
Opioid Overdose Prevention and Management .pdf
Bee and Wasp Stings .pdf
Environmental Injuries .pdf
First Aid Treatment for Anaphylaxis .pdf
Emergency Action to Save Lives .mp4
Treating for Shock .txt
Body Rehydration .pdf
Advice to the Civilian Defense First Aid Worker .pdf
Treating Wounds in the Field .pdf
First Aid and Field Sanitation .pdf
First Aid for Soldiers .pdf
Treating Fractures in the Field .pdf

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