Emergency Preparedness
Disaster Mitigation

Civil Disasters


Strike & Labor Disturbance Plan .pdf
Management Guidelines in Preparation for a Strike .pdf
Adjusting Household Buying .pdf
Layoff Survival Tips .pdf
Recession Survival Guide .pdf
Financial Crisis Survival Kit .pdf
Economic Collapse Preparations .pdf
Coping with a commute disruption .pdf
Wood-Gas Generator for Farm Petrolium Emergencies .pdf
AgriFood System Vulnerability .pdf
LDS Famine Preparedness .pdf


Protect Your Computer .pdf
Protect Your Computer and Your Identity .pdf
Truck Hijacking Prevention FactSheet .pdf
Hijack Prevention Guidelines .pdf
Burglary Prevention Checklist .pdf
Burglary Prevention .pdf
Physical Security .pdf
Museum Collections Security and Fire Protection .pdf
Security at Museums .pdf
Museum Security .pdf
Suggested Guidelines for Museum Security .pdf


Bedbugs, fleas, lice, ticks and mites .pdf
Help Control Mosquitoes that Spread Viruses .pdf
Snake Hazards after a Disaster .pdf
Emergency Medical Treatment for Massive Bee Stings .pdf
Coyote Attack Prevention .pdf
Bear Attack Prevention .pdf
Cougar Attack Prevention .pdf
Protections Against Ghosts .txt


Situational Crime Prevention .pdf
Celebrities Rights to Privacy .pdf
Kidnap Prevention .pdf
Driving Techniques for Escape and Evasion .pdf
Sexual Assault Prevention .pdf
The School Shooter .pdf
Workplace Violence .pdf
Violence in the Workplace .pdf
Violence in the workplace guide .pdf
Preventing Violence in the Retail Sector .pdf
Preventing violence in the Financial Sector .pdf
Preventing Violence in the Accomodation and Community Service Sector .pdf


Making Federal Buildings Safe .pdf
Vulnerability of US Chemical Facilities .pdf
Food Defense Plan Checklist .pdf
Agricultural Aviation Security .pdf
Small Vessel Security Strategy .pdf
Terrorism - Preparing for the Unexpected .pdf
Backgrounder - Terrorism .pdf
Emergency Response to Terrorism .pdf
Emergency Response to Terrorism STUDYGUIDE .pdf
Fact Sheet - Terrorism .pdf


How to Handle Bomb Threats.pdf
IED Attack .pdf
Postwar Unexploded Ordnance Hazards .pdf
The Mighty Atom Bomb .pdf
Duck and Cover .txt
Info - Take Cover .mp3
Survival Under Atomic Attack .pdf
How to Protect Yourself from Atomic Bombing .pdf
11 Steps to Nuclear Survival .pdf
Can we survive an atomic war .pdf


The Causes and Prevention of Crowd Disasters .pdf
Crowd Management at Stations .pdf
Emergency Preparedness Guidelines For Mass, Crowd-Intensive Events .pdf
Safe and Healthy Mass Gatherings .pdf
The event safety guide .pdf
Safety at Outdoor Pop Concerts .pdf
Safety at Indoor Concerts .pdf
Front-of-Stage Barrier Systems .pdf


Civil Unrest .pdf
Journalist Riot Safety .pdf
Police Bicycle Use in Crowd Control Situations .pdf
Comparitive Study of Less Lethal Weapons .pdf
Disorderly Youth in Public Places .pdf
Civil Disturbances .pdf
DoD Crowd Management Information .pdf
Doctrine for Joint Urban Operations .pdf
Postwar SALW Hazards .pdf


Technology and Law Enforcement .pdf
Firearms in Law Enforcement .pdf
Know Your Rights .pdf
Financial Handbook for Families Facing Detention & Deportation .pdf
Incarceration Survival .pdf
UFO Hazards .pdf
Life Under Military Occupation .pdf
Ecconomic choices during war .pdf
POW Survival .pdf

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