Saved Games

Saved Games (files with the extension "SV4") must be placed in your RCT "Saved Games" directory. Save often, as you may never know when your Park Rating will start falling, when your guests will start to leave your park en masse, or when a Coaster will crash, sending it, and your parks popularity, plummeting {s}.

The Steve Franks collections

I am thrilled to announce that I have received express permission from Steve Franks to post his "Real World Scenario Packs".

Gamer Steve Franks, who has carefully and meticulously recreated many real world rides for Loopy Landscapes, has also made some "RCT1 Scenarios". Unfortunately, at the time there was no way for players to create a real "scenario" (*.SC4) file, so these scenarios were released as "saved game" (*.SV4) files.

Real-World Saved Game scenerios:

downloadOcean Park 1929:
With $34,982 of starting money, try to recreate Southern California's Ocean Park Amusement Pier as it appeared in 1929. This aesthetic "saved game" was intended to be used with the rides from the downloadHigh Boy @ Ocean Park track pack. Note that Steve originally built this scenario for Corkscrew Follies. As such, there are some quirks when it is used in Loopy Landscapes, such as the occasional inapropriate appearance of vomit graphics, and maintenance men that will sometimes climb up and stay on roofs (mitigated with thoughtful patrol areas).

Several of Steve Franks Real-World Track Packs also come with Saved Game workbenches:

downloadAlpengeist @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg - (Alpengeist Workbench)
downloadApollo's Chariot @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg - (Apollo's Chariot V5 bench)
downloadBig Bad Wolf @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg - (Big Bad Wolf - Drachen)
downloadBig Dipper @ Springlake Park - (Springlake Workbench)
downloadBuzzsaw Falls @ Silver Dollar City - (Buzzsaw Falls bench)
downloadCannonball @ Lake Winnepesaukah - (Winnie Cannonball bench)
downloadCoaster Thrill Ride @ Puyallup Fair - (Coaster Thrill Ride @ Puyallup Fair)
downloadCyclone @ Puritas Springs - (Cyclone @ Puritas Springs)
downloadDongo's Race @ Plopsaland - (Plopsaland bench)
downloadGiant Dipper @ Belmont Park - (Belmont Dipper)
downloadGrand National @ Pleasure Beach - (Grand National Workbench)
downloadGreezed Lightnin' @ Astroworld - (Greezed Lightnin' bench)
downloadLogger's Revenge @ Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk - (Flume Rides Bench)
downloadRace Thru the Clouds @ Venice - (Race Thru the Clouds)
downloadRolly Coaster @ Millbrook Park - (Millbrook Park 1901)
downloadNinja @ Magic Mountain - (Ninja Workbench)
downloadSea Dragon @ Wyandot Lake - (Sea Dragon bench)
downloadShooting Star @ Lakeside Park - (Shooting Star Lakeside)
downloadSilver Bullet @ Frontier City - (Bullet Workbench)
downloadSky Princess @ Dutch Wonderland - (Sky Princess bench)
downloadSteel Dragon @ Nagashima Spaland - (Steel Dragon 2000 bench)
downloadSteeplechase @ Pleasure Beach - (PB Steeplechase Workbench)
downloadThe Dips @ West View Park - (West View Park bench)
downloadUltra Twister @ AstroWorld - (Ultra Twister Workbench)
downloadVonkaputous @ Linnanmaki Park - (Vonkaputous bench)

Steve Franks has also offered a fantasy Saved Game scenario:

downloadRiver Rouge Park:
With $10,000,000 of starting money and several zones of attractive integrated terrain, build yourself the perfect park.

Other fantasy Saved Game scenarios

downloadKaibuenos "Glasshouse Gardens":
This is an example of what is known as a "Display Park" (a saved game that shows off a park makers skill). The ZIP file contains commentary by the designer and a reviewer, plus some humorous fantasy photos (photos that have been modified by a graphics program). It is however because of Kaibuenos bold use of COLOR that we are including this park. Although you may find his color palette somewhat jarring, we hope this park will inspire you to experiment with color yourself.

downloadDesert Workbench:
A large flatland "Saved Game" for use as a workbench. You will now have at your disposal a 1,746,250sq.ft. flat desert covered park, with $10,000,000.00 in spending money and immediate access to every Loopy Landscape facility.

Still want more? Well here are 16 generic Loopy Landscapes workbenches from RCT Fans:

Saved Game "hacks"

Normaly I frown upon "hacks". However there are certain legitimate uses, such as when attempting to create reproductions of Real Rides when there is a lack of appropriate game settings. This [NOT TESTED] downloadWater Ride Speed Up utility will increase the sometimes inapropriately slow lift hill speeds of ALL water rides in a Saved Game. Please use this utility only if absolutely necessary!