Transport Rides

Miniature Railroad Miniature Railroad
Narrow-gauge railroad track, with miniature passenger trains.
(Locomotives slow significantly when they go uphill {s}).

Monorail Monorail
Track is box-section steel rail supported on square-section steel posts. Trains are powered, and run along the top of the rail with additional wheels on either side for stability.
(Trains slow significantly when they go uphill {s}).

Suspended Monorail Suspended Monorail
Track is box-section steel rail suspended by steel support legs. Trains are powered, and hang underneath the rail.

Chairlift Chairlift
Cars hang from a steel cable which runs continuously from one end of the chairlift to the other and around large turnaround wheels at each end.

Transport Rides are somewhat of a misnomer. The Guests can not distinguish Transport rides from other rides (such as Roller Coasters), and so will not specifically select them as an alternative to walking (walking makes guests tired, and tired guests don't ride rides, don't buy food or souveniers, and, worst of all, don't stay in your park {s}). This can be anoying, as guests who avoid mild rides will not often choose to use your "transport system".

Transport Rides should be designed to show the rider some of your park's highlights ("shuttle mode" was intended primarily just for that purpose). Odds are, they'll get excited about seeing these other rides, and will head for them once they get off the Transport ride {s}. And just like with Paths, you can construct your transport ride through parts of other rides, such as a Roller Coaster loop (a thrilling experience for the guests on both rides).

So they don't change elevation (and therefore slow down while climbing), the Miniature Railroad and the Monorail could be built underground like a subway {s}.

Transport to Nowhere

Often early in a scenario you need compact, inexpensive rides but are thwarted by the still limited selection. There is no reason why you cannot use one of the Transport rides and convert it into a compact Gentle ride. Here are examples of each of the Transport rides that have been so converted. All have a Base Excitement level of Medium. (An interesting note is that in the case of these Monorails, the last segment of curved track has a significant influence on Excitement).

Miniature Railroad = downloadLittle Toot.
Monorail = downloadMondorail.
Suspended Monorail = downloadCradle Fall.
Chairlift = downloadSky Chaise.