Thrill Rides

Scrambled Eggs Scrambled Eggs
Three pairs of seats rotate at the end of three rotating arms.
Fixed Size Flat Ride: 3Wx3Dx4H, Installation Costs: $360

Whoa Belly Whoa Belly
The tower is constructed from steel girders and contains large pneumatic cylinders to launch the car upwards.

Swinging Ship Swinging Ship
Large ship suspended from steel supports.
Fixed Size Flat Ride: 1Wx5Dx7H, Installation Costs: $387

Go Karts Go Karts
Tarmac track with tire barriers on each side.
(Right out of the station, make a stretch of straight track, so cars can build up speed going into the rest of the ride {s}. Also, Go Kart engines have difficulty climbing inclines {s})
(Adding Tunnels will increase the rides Excitement, as will using Trees and Walls to block the Guests view as they drive {s}. )

Swinging Inverter Ship Swinging Inverter Ship
Large ship attached to an arm with counterweight at opposite end. Swings through complete 360 circle.
Fixed Size Flat Ride: 1Wx4Dx11H, Installation Costs: $424

Motion Simulator Motion Simulator
Simulator pod mounted on a hydraulic arm.
Fixed Size Flat Ride: 2Wx2Dx4H, Installation Costs: $440

3D Cinema 3D Cinema
Cinema is located inside a geodesic sphere.
Fixed Size Flat Ride: 3Wx3Dx8H, Installation Costs: $560

Gravitron Gravitron
Gondola is suspended by large rotating arms at each side. The supporting arms can both move the gondola and rotate it upside down in a preset sequence.
Fixed Size Flat Ride: 3Wx3Dx7H, Installation Costs: $580

Roto-Drop Roto-Drop
The ring of seats is pulled up to the top of the tower while gently rotating, then allowed to free-fall down, stopping gently at the bottom using magnetic brakes.

Enterprise Enterprise
Passenger-carrying pods hang around the edge of the wheel, which first starts spinning and is then tilted up by a supporting arm.
Fixed Size Flat Ride: 4Wx4Dx10H, Installation Costs: $800