Space Rings

Multi Axis Trainer, Space Camp, Cape Kennedy FL

Fixed Size Flat Ride: 3Wx3Dx3H, Installation Costs: $288
Default Running Costs: $49.60 per hour, Default Admission: $0.50
Music: (Gentle Style), Paint: Rings

Vehicle: Space Rings (Concentric pivoting rings.)
Capacity: 1 guest each, Default Number of Rings: 4

Operation: Space Rings Mode

Other Number of Rings: 1, 2, 3

Base Excitement Base Intensity Base Nausea
1.50 (L) 2.10 (L) 6.50 (H)
Number of Rings makes no difference.

Maximum Scenery Excitement Boost: 0.89 with 47 objects [average 0.02 per object].