Miniature Golf

Miniature Golf, Fiesta Fun Center, St. George, UT

Default Admission: $1.00
Music: (Summer Style), Paint: Course
Course must make a Continuous Circuit.
Limited to one station.
Never breaks down.

How to interpret this chart

Tip1: Always separate holes with at least one walkway [track] section. This is because only one guest can occupy a hole at a time, and although guests will patiently wait on a walkway section if their next hole is in use (please note that Waiting guests do NOT enter the next hole in a first-in/first-out manner, which could lead to some guests deciding the ride is "too long"), they will become angry if they have finished a hole but cannot exit from it.

Tip2: A new guest will not enter the course until the first hole is cleared. You can use this to your advantage by placing the longest walk (and slowest hole to play) at the beginning of the course.