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Windows Win2k Family


Archives to .7z and other formats

7-Zip (ver 16.04) - Freeware

About .txt
7-Zip .zip

Archives to .RAR and .ZIP

WinRAR (ver 3.5.1) - Shareware made Freeware = (this specific version only)

About .txt
WinRAR351_Installer .exe
rarreg .key

File Splitter

FFSJ-Lite (ver 3.3) - Abandoned Freeware

About .txt
FFSJ .zip

DVD Creator

DVD Flick (ver - Abandoned Freeware

About .txt
dvdflick_setup .zip
manual .pdf

DVD Compressor

DVDShrink (ver - Abandoned Freeware

About .txt
dvdshrink32setup .zip

ISO Image Creator and Disk Burner

ImgBurn (ver - Abandoned Freeware

About .txt
ImgBurn .zip

ISO Image USB Drive Burner

ISO to USB (ver 1.6) - Freeware

About .txt
isotousb_setup .zip
krd .iso

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